Trace One merges with product life cycle firm to speed private label development


Trace One, a software supplier specialising in managing private label development, is merging with a division of retail supply chain solutions provider, Agentrics, which specialises in product life cycle management.

The combined Trace One and Agentrics PLM business will have a projected turnover of $50m in 2012 and is designed to accelerate the development of private label products. 

Jérôme Malavoy, founder of Trace One and CEO of the new group, said: “The private label market is growing exponentially worldwide, as retailers and manufacturers are trying to remain competitive and bring out new product ranges to meet consumer demand.

“This merger between Agentrics PLM and Trace One signals our dedication to provide a solution that will help the industry successfully develop these ranges both now and in the future.”

According to the new business, the merger will speed the development of private label products for over 12,500 manufacturers and 31 retailers linked to Trace One-Agentrics PLM.

The combined Trace One and Agentrics online platforms will allow clients to optimise the product design process from start to finish including R&D, product launch, sourcing, packaging design, quality and product data management, it said.

Trace One-Agentrics PLM said the business will also provide a complete food safety solution. In an information-led society, consumers are pushing for more and more transparency on origins of raw materials and ingredients. According to the company, a collaborative solution between retailers and manufactures is the key in today’s private label business.

The company’s solutions also enable global manufacturers to connect with retailer platforms on a daily basis. Manufacturers and retailers can use these platforms to develop their products, track them and receive technical support, while growing their business as a whole on a global scale, Trace One-Agentrics PLM said.

The new Trace One-Agentrics PLM group is present in 13 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, China, France, Ireland, Japan, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, UK and USA) and expanding worldwide.