Tracking company to quiz shoppers about shopping experience

Online competition to gauge shoppers' likes and dislikes

Online competition to gauge shoppers' likes and dislikes

Footfall and shopper tracking company, Synovate Retail Performance, has launched a competition to find out what consumers really feel about shopping and retail stores.

The company is hosting a global competition for the best shopping interview of the summer, in an attempt to get consumers to dish the dirt on what annoys them most about shopping, changing shopping habits and best and worst retailers.

The competition is being hosted at

Consumers are being invited to host their own two-minute interview (on a mobile phone or camera) and ask their friends and family (or themselves), six questions about their current shopping behaviour. 

Questions include:

What makes a sizzling shopping experience?

What are consumers’ favourite brands?

Which shops have got retail right and offer perfect purchasing?

Julie Cumberland at Synovate Retail Performance, said: “We envisage by making their own videos, consumers will be more frank with their opinions than they are in traditional customer research. 

“It’s their opportunity to really share what they feel about the experience of shopping today. We are looking forward to finding out what the shopping public feels could be improved with their retail experience, particularly in the current economic environment. 

“By relating directly with the public in key regions around the world, we aim to capture some strong insights that we can compare, to see how shopping behaviour varies around the world. We will then feed this back to retailers so they can develop improved shopping experiences for consumers in the future.”