Traditional toys to dominate technological gifts at Christmas, new Mumsnet survey finds

Books top children's Christmas listsas present

Books top children’s Christmas listsas present

Despite claims that 2013 will be a technology led Christmas, books, games and fashion items are still firmly at the top of children’s wish lists this year.

A survey conducted by Extreme Networks via the Mumsnet Research Panel, surveyed 900 parents, representing nearly 2,000 children. It asked parents to tick up to three presents that were at the top of their children’s Christmas lists. It then went on to ask them what Santa planned to bring the respondent and their partner.

Top five Christmas presents for primary school aged children

1.     Books (67%)

2.     Traditional games (57%)

3.     Outdoor and sports equipment (27%)

4.     Computer games, apps and software (27%)

5.     Action figures (27%)

Top five Christmas presents for secondary school aged children

1.     Books (51%)

2.     Money and vouchers (44%)

3.     Fashion and beauty items (43%)

4.     Computer games, apps and software (29%)

5.     Traditional games (17%)

Books are clearly the biggest sellers this Christmas across both primary and secondary school children. Dolls (16%) and cuddly toys (14%) came in at places six and seven on the list, with smartphones proving to be the least popular (1%).

The only technology gifts that factor in these top five lists are computer games, applications and software. Hardware such as iPads, tablet computers, e-readers and smartphones appear much further down the lists. In fact, despite books being top, eReaders (4%) only feature at number seven in the league table for secondary school children. However, it is worth considering that those children are expecting money and vouchers (44%) that may well go on to spend these on higher cost technology items.

Top five technology presents for primary school aged children

1.     Computer games, apps and software (27%)

2.     iPad or tablet computer (11%)

3.     Games console (8%)

4.     MP3 player (6%)

5.     eReaders e.g. Kindle (5%)

Top five technology presents for secondary school aged children

1.     Computer games, apps and software (29%)

2.     iPad or tablet computer (11%)

3.     Smartphone (7%)

4.     Laptop (7%)

5.     Games console (6%)

Top five presents for parents

1.     Fashion and beauty items (eg clothes) (62%)

2.     Books (48%)

3.     Money/vouchers (28%)

4.     Other electrical items eg cameras (27%)

5.     iPad or tablet computer (18%)

Although electronics retailers are in for a bumper season with 18% of parents hoping for an iPad or tablet computer, it seems that what parents want most of all is to feel pampered with some new clothes and cosmetics and a good read.

Charlotte Gurney, mother of Harry, aged five and Rosie aged three, said: “We’re buying both of our children a real mixture of presents this year. Rosie is getting an iPad Mini as her main present and Harry is getting a bicycle as he got an iPad Mini last Christmas. However, aside from these main presents, their stockings and sacks will be full of traditional toys such as the Peppa Pig Snakes and Ladders floor game, Star Wars action figures, the Barbie Doll Camper Van and a Flying Fairy.

“I think it is important that children are comfortable with technology at a young age and Harry already uses his iPad to help learn his phonics, shape sorting and counting. However, Christmas would not be Christmas without books and toys – the kind of presents I remember from my own childhood Christmases.”

“As for my husband and I, most of all we’re hoping for some peace and quiet and a few large glasses of wine on Christmas Day. If I find some clothes vouchers and perfume in my stocking, it will be a bonus.”