TrueCommerce earns its crust by reducing EDI costs for Hovis


Hovis has announced its partnership with TrueCommerce to handle its EDI requirements, which will significantly reduce costs and on-boarding times.

TrueCommerce has simplified Hovis’ EDI footprint onto a single platform, removing the burden of maintaining multiple solutions on a daily basis.The on-boarding of customers will also be more streamlined, enabling Hovis to connect to new customers quickly and easily without tying up crucial internal resources.

All existing EDI customers will effortlessly switch to the new solution without disruption to trading so they too can reap the rewards of the new management system.

“As is the case for an increasing number of companies, both large and small, Hovis found that maintaining multiple EDI systems was becoming increasingly time consuming,” saiid Michael Latimer, VP sales & marketing, TrueCommerce Europe. “We will give Hovis the freedom of our fully managed OneTime outsourced solution, removing the need for time consuming software updates, whilst also providing an industry proven platform to trade with its customers.”

“TrueCommerce’s fully managed EDI service allows us to simplify our EDI footprint and concentrate on what we do best.” said Dominic Howson, IS director, Hovis. “With our previous providers we wouldn’t know there was a problem until our customers told us, however the pro-active service delivered by TrueCommerce will ensure that any issues are resolved before they reach our customers.”