TV home shopping channels’ customers have appetite for discounts in print


TV home shopping channels, Ideal World, JML and Bid TV, have reported strong customer demand for print-based discounts for their sites.

And, the company behind the loyalty schemes, which include discounts from retailers including B&Q, Asda and Lovefilm, reports its rewards programmes have doubled in size.

Rocket Marketing Group has increased its staff from 50 to 100 – indicating consumers are geared towards discounts they can physically see and touch.

Home shopping retailer Ideal World appointed Rocket in August 2011 to create and manage its bespoke rewards programme – Ideal Extras Club.

“Customer centricity is important to us and we feel our members should have the option to shop the way they want,” said Jessica Perry, head of marketing at Ideal Shopping Direct.

“Some shoppers like to use flash sales and e-coupons online but long-term loyalty and rewards in print work for our members.”

Customers sign up to receive the rewards and are sent a hard copy in the post.

“Our increase in staff shows there’s a large proportion of consumers that like to receive a printed book to leaf through,” said Alan Saunders, managing director of Rocket Marketing Group. “

Whilst most retailers have a deep focus on digital, they mustn’t forget there’s still a big market that prefers traditional methods.”