Tween fashion website, FashionPlaytes, launches festive clothing line

New tween fashion line

New tween fashion line

Tween fashion website, FashionPlaytes, has launched a festive holiday clothing line including skirts, tops, dresses and outerwear.

According to the company, the holiday line will empower fashion-forward tweens to create their own signature look for the holidays. 

The upcoming season presents plenty of opportunities for FPgirls – FashionPlaytes’ online community of tween girls – to shine, FashionPlaytes says. FPgirls can mix and match tops, skirts, a wrap, dresses, outerwear and accessories for the perfect look for any occasion, the company adds.

“Tween girls are increasingly fashion conscious and know that they need to look their best during the holidays,” said Sarah McIlroy, founder and CEO of 

“At, we’ve created a fabulous collection that our girls can use to showcase their own signature style and be the belle of the ball during any event this season.”

FPgirl said it has a wide variety of fun and festive holiday clothing for girls, including skirts, tops, dresses, leggings and outerwear to choose as base garments that can be customised with everything from a shimmering star, a red sequined heart and even an FP wish for holiday peace. From sparkles to plush fabrics with a few animal prints sprinkled in, FPgirls are sure to have the right look for every holiday party and event, the company said.

FPgirls can also customise accessories for the holidays with the new Hair Fling and other accessories.