Two Drifters Distillery exceed crowdfunding in first four hours


Two Drifters Distillery is doing things a little differently when it comes to producing its award-winning rum range. Fermenting 100% molasses and distilling it in its bespoke warehouse near Exeter Airport, all rums are produced with a carbon negative footprint. 

Spearheaded by husband and wife, Russ and Gemma Wakeham, the duo set about creating versatile, well-rounded rums that limit their impact on the planet. Russ has a PhD in Organic Chemistry (from Bath University) and has spent many years working on carbon capture and utilisation technologies, hence the desire and ability to make the business produce more than just an eco-friendly product.

Before Two Drifters, Gemma spent six years in medical sales where she worked as a business development manager. She also has a qualification in digital marketing and social media management and manages all the platforms, highlighting the quality and provenance of the brand.

The five-strong range can be enjoyed simply over ice or used as a base for a number of cocktails. A customer favourite is the unique Overproof Pineapple Rum, which is made using an award-winning Spiced Rum recipe to make a 63% rum. The company then adds pineapple and salted caramel. It is the only rum in the range that has added sugar to make a fun, smooth, tropical rum. Elsewhere, the White Rum is made from 100% fermented molasses, twice distilled in pot stills then further distilled in a column still before both are blended together. It is full of body and incredibly smooth. 

The classic Rum features natural burnt sugar added to the white rum, resulting in a fuller flavour, as well as being smooth enough to drink with ice or your favourite mixer. Another hero product is the Spiced Rum, featuring Two Drifters’ super smooth white rum blended with a signature mixture of spices and natural flavours, notably the star anise flowers that are added 24 hours before filtering and bottling. And, finally, the Gold Rum, comprising the white rum matured in American oak casks that have been used to store Bourbon or Sherry. The next process blends these rums to create the Gold Rum boasting a glorious aroma and taste that makes for a very special spirit.

Since its inception in September 2019, Two Distillers has received an overwhelming response for their British rum – made and bottled in Devon – and has secured the love and interest from people across the United Kingdom. Its expansive warehouse now produces over 1,800 bottles per week, which came in useful during the Christmas period when it was selling over 150 bottles per week in John Lewis, restocking twice due to popular demand. 

The family-run company is set for a bright future having just completed a crowd funding campaign (raising 270k, well past its 150k target), which will allow the business to grow this year and will include an exciting re-brand in the spring. Having already secured a selection of silverware including, Food and Drink Devon Gold 2020, and Double Gold at the China White and Spirit Awards 2020, Two Drifters is certainly making a mark in the drink sector. 

Two Drifters is available in John Lewis, Masters of Malt, Virgin Wines, Spirits Kiosk, Drink Finder, and Hibana. From £35.