Two fifths of UK shoppers plan to get involved on Black Friday, despite retailer scale backs, Savvy survey shows


New research investigating UK household shoppers’ plans for Black Friday 2015 has been launched by leading retail and shopper marketing agency, Savvy. The survey reviews shopper feedback from Black Friday 2014 and unveils their spending plans around the event this year.

Catherine Shuttleworth, CEO at Savvy, said: “Despite the negative publicity the event attracted last year – with sites crashing due to high traffic volumes and crushes seen instore, Black Friday is now an established and major trading event for UK retailers with awareness exceeding critical mass. Even with stores such as Asda taking a step back from the event, many retailers fully recognise that shopper interest has grown. As a result we’re expecting to see more happening online this year rather than instore.”

Key learnings and feedback from Black Friday 2014 (asked in January 2015):

  • 18% of UK shoppers expected to do more Christmas shopping on Back Friday 2015
  • Black Friday was a very welcome pre-Christmas sale according to 16% of shoppers
  • 15% had delayed buying presents until the final weeks before Christmas because they expected sales to start before Christmas
  • 19% of UK shoppers bought presents on Black Friday – interestingly of these shoppers the most prolific group (with 31%) were 25-34 year olds. The percentage of parents compared with non-parents was also much higher – 27% and 15% respectively
  • 9% said that Black Friday had encouraged them to spend more on Christmas presents overall

 Key learnings and feedback on Black Friday 2015 (surveyed in October 2015):

  • 94% of UK shoppers are fully aware of Black Fridayas a retail event
  • 41% of all shoppers are planning to get involved in the event. In more detail:

o   Women are planning to get involved slightly more than men – 43% compared with 38 percent respectively

o   18-24 year olds are the age group most planning to get involved – 58%

o   53% of parents are planning on being involved this year compared with 35 percent of non-parents

  • Types of products shoppers are considering purchasing on Black Fridayinclude:

o   Electricals – 65%

o   Clothing and footwear – 61%

o   Books, music and videos – 48%

o   Toys – 46%

o   Homeware – 41%

o   Video games – 31%

o   Other – 1%

 Shuttleworth said: “It’s worth remembering that whilst shoppers are feeling a little more confident this Christmas season, most households still have a fixed amount to spend at Christmas and whether they spend that on Black Fridayor any other day in the run up to Christmas day, it doesn’t change. The smartest retailers want as much of that budget as possible and for shoppers to spend it wisely with them.”