Two thirds of Brits won’t celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, claims Contentsquare


Despite 35% of the population being single, 66% of Brits will not be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, according to the latest research from leading experience analytics company Contentsquare.

The research, which surveyed over 1,000 UK consumers, found that of those deciding not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, 15% said that their decision is directly related to COVID-19. Of those who are celebrating this year, many will be cutting back to save on costs, with almost a quarter (24%) planning to spend less than £50 on gifts this year.

With the pandemic still rattling the global economy and impacting consumer habits both offline and online, businesses everywhere will be relying on ecommerce to hit their Valentine’s Day sales targets. But many brands still lack crucial insight into what constitutes a loveable experience in the eyes of their customers.

A survey of 500 marketers carried out by Contentsquare found that 76% of marketers are unable to accurately measure whether their customers are happy online. And a whopping 84% said they can’t track their customers’ moods and mindsets. With marketers saying they need 8+ tools on average to understand digital customer behaviour, it seems that many brands still have some way to go to shrinking the dreaded experience gap and maximising their digital revenue.

Commenting on the findings, Michal Barash, head of marketing at Contentsquare, said: “Retailers need to make sure they show their digital customer experience some extra love this year, as the ongoing health crisis continues to drive consumers online for gift giving. This, coupled with more conservative spending predictions, should come as extra motivation for brands to remove any friction along the customer journey.”

“If brands can build an online experience that is just as good, or better, than in-store experiences, they will ensure happy, loyal customers, and see a boost in revenue online this Valentine’s Day.”