Two thirds of shoppers want personalised rewards, finds YouGov survey


Two thirds (65%) of British consumers want loyalty rewards that are more personalised and based on transaction history, according to an online survey commissioned by Steria, the IT-enabled business services provider.

The survey, conducted by YouGov, polled 1,950 adults in Great Britain to understand their current online and in-store shopping habits and their openness to a virtual retail environment.

Overall, it found consumers are open to mobile retail services, with more than half (53%) of respondents keen to be sent real-time personalised offers and discounts online or to their mobile device while they shop in-store.

“The mobile phone is set to be the on-the-go shopper’s most indispensable tool,” said Steria UK’s retail sector director, Heather Barson.

”In the last year, the trend has been to draw consumers to generic discount or voucher code online sites. But we believe, and the YouGov research confirms, there is a huge, untapped market for virtual loyalty programmes delivered in a much more personalised fashion that recognises individual shoppers’ profiles, including location.

“Smart technologies are an important gateway to current and future retail customers. Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to add ‘smart’ retail services to the mix, as a more finely-tuned way to recognise, encourage and reward those repeat customers who contribute a bigger proportion of their sales, both online and off, and increase footfall with a new generation of shoppers.”

Next-generation shoppers

The survey revealed, when it comes to loyalty, almost one-third (31%) of 18-to-24 year-olds do not belong to any loyalty schemes. However, this age group is also the most open to retailers contacting them with personalised offers based on transaction history: 73% of respondents in this age bracket said they wanted this type of service.

Families crave more efficient shopping experiences

Those living with children are also very receptive to using new shopping services. Forty-one per cent believe they would shop more in-store if they were able to locate products and confirm their availability, even before arriving. This corresponds with another finding, which revealed consumers’ second-biggest annoyance when asked to pick their top three annoyances about in-store shopping: 59% picked out-of-stock items or not having the desired item in the correct size.

Silver shoppers

The survey revealed almost nine out of 10 consumers (89%), aged 55 and over, are members of loyalty schemes. However, large numbers of those 55 and over are likely to miss out on personalised offers delivered through alternative channels, with 84% of older shoppers unaware of that for some retailers you’re able to use your loyalty card through your mobile phone.