UK-based technology firm, PXtech, welcomes visitors from world headquarters of SUBWAY

L to R: Richard Dorf – CEO (PXtech), Russell Payton – Live IQ Product Owner (SUBWAY®), Steve Lawrence - POS Program Manager (SUBWAY®), Kerry Townsend - Customer Solutions Manager (PXtech)

L to R: Richard Dorf – CEO (PXtech), Russell Payton – Live IQ product owner (SUBWAY), Steve Lawrence – POS program manager (SUBWAY), Kerry Townsend – customer solutions manager (PXtech)

UK-based technology firm, PXtech, this week welcomed two important visitors from the  world headquarters of SUBWAY, the world’s largest restaurant chain, to its offices at Pride Park in Derby. The week-long visit was representative of PXtech’s close working relationship with SUBWAY, built over the last 10 years.

The VIP guests, Russell Payton, product owner of PXtech’s LiveIQ system and Steve Lawrence, SUBWAY’s POS Program Manager, travelled to Derby from Milford, Connecticut to meet and spend time with the team behind the PXtech technology that is critical to the management of over 40,000 SUBWAY stores worldwide.

Richard Dorf, CEO of PXtech, said: “SUBWAY is a highly valued customer of ours and this visit is an ideal opportunity to strengthen our working relationship with SUBWAY® and deepen the mutual understanding between our two businesses. What’s more, it is great for the PXtech team to meet Russell and Steve, as it helps to cement our company-wide commitment to the SUBWAY franchise globally.”

Carman Wenkoff, CIO at SUBWAY, said: “PXtech’s attentive service and inventive thinking ensure that SUBWAYalways benefits from the best technology to suit its needs.”

The technology behind the companies’ relationship is PXtech’s Axent solution, specialised for SUBWAY and the basis for its LiveIQ software, used by the majority of over 40,000 SUBWAY stores worldwide to manage their business operations. LiveIQ provides SUBWAY franchisees with real-time intelligence as well as sophisticated staff scheduling and payment management and supports them on a daily basis with both decision making and business planning.

Russell is an experienced programme and project manager, having delivered a multitude of high-profile technology projects for AT&T in the telecommunications sector as well as more recently for SUBWAY, whilst Steve is a long-standing member of the SUBWAY management team who has held a number of senior operations and technology-based roles.

PXtech has received numerous awards for its technological innovation with SUBWAY, most recently two customer service awards at the 2015 SUBWAY Convention in Las Vegas – the first time a technology company has won either of the awards.