UK coupon firm ties up with mobile app to send offers to shoppers’ smart phones

Valassis: leveraging FMCG relationship with mobile app

Valassis: leveraging FMCG relationship with mobile app

Valassis, a leading UK coupon and voucher services provider, has signed an agreement for the UK with Mobilize Systems, creator of Shop Scan Save, the mobile solution that delivers promotional coupons and vouchers directly to consumers’ smart phones.

Mobilize offers digital marketing platform

Mobilize offers digital marketing platform

Shop Scan Save is a digital marketing platform, which enables customers to redeem mobile coupons via their smart phone at any of the 23,000 PayPoint terminals located in supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.

Consumers that download the free Shop Scan Save app are provided with a portfolio of the latest coupons and offers every two weeks directly to their mobile phone. Via the app, each Shop Scan Save member is given a unique ID barcode, which, when scanned by a cashier at a PayPoint terminal, automatically redeems the mobile coupons relevant to the items in the basket and deducts the savings from the shopper’s bill.

Penny Dryden, commercial director of Valassis UK, said: “As both the UK’s largest coupon provider and exclusive partner for Shop Scan Save in the UK, Valassis is key to driving forward the number of offers available to consumers using this ingenious new mobile phone app. By leveraging our extensive, long-standing relationships with major FMCG brands and retailers we are expecting to be able to deliver between £15.00 and £20.00 worth of savings to every consumer every month, which is significant in the context of today’s economy.”

Claes Kockum, commercial director at Mobilize Systems, said: “We have specifically developed the Shop Scan Save app to be as quick and efficient as possible. As a single scan solution, the cashier only needs to scan the ID barcode on the consumer’s mobile phone once to redeem multiple offers in one basket. The real-time link between the PayPoint terminal and Shop Scan Save platform means discounts are only validated if the shopper has the correct item in their basket – significantly reducing the risk of mis – or mal-redemption.”

For brands, the greatest benefit of the new partnership is the availability of real-time redemption data, said Valassis. This provides an accurate insight into consumer behaviour and will enable marketers to personalise their offers based on what they know each individual shopper regularly buys.

Dryden said: “A major benefit to retailers is the length of time it takes to reimburse the retailer is significantly reduced due to the coupons being digital. With no paper coupons to be collected and processed, retailers participating in the programme are reimbursed within six days, making a significant difference to a smaller business’s cash flow.”

Kockum said: “We are excited to partner with Valassis as we believe the gravitas that the company has within the UK promotions industry will be hugely beneficial, in terms of helping to raise awareness of the solution amongst brands, retailers and shoppers.”

Dryden added: “We are very much looking forward to working with Mobilize at this important stage in digital couponing. As the rise of the smart phone becomes ever more important to consumers’ everyday lives, we are proud to be partnering with Mobilize to bring Shop Scan Save® to the forefront of the promotions industry. Working together, we will be able to bring an increasing portfolio of timely offers and promotions to UK consumers to ensure that they are always gaining best value for money.”