UK logistics firm ties with Chinese company to boost service


UK-based transport, logistics and distribution company, Advanced Supply Chain, has announced a new partnership with Sinotrans, China’s second largest logistics company.

Advanced Supply Chain, which provides pre-retail, distribution or freight forwarding services for many of the UK’s major brands including Matalan, Asda, Makro and DFS, predicts the partnership will create 10-15% growth per annum plus a significant number of jobs over the next few years.

Sinotrans, which is Government owned, will work with Advanced Supply Chain to offer UK customers end-to-end logistics for the movement of goods to and from Asia.

Advanced Supply Chain said the deal was forged in response to China’s increasing global presence, which has seen the country’s economy grow to become second only to the US.

Mike Danby, chief executive of Advanced Supply Chain, said: “Advanced Supply Chain is a forward-thinking company and as such we are continually looking to expand our operation internationally. The partnership with Sinotrans will enable us to offer cost and time effective end-to-end supply chain solutions to customers, irrespective of product type or source.”

Sinotrans has over 100 distribution centres across China, with road, rail and river connections covering most of inland China. Danby said this coverage means products can now be sourced cost effectively from all over the country and not just from coastal areas, which has been the major problem for buyers to date.

Sunny Chan, general manager Sinotrans Europe, said: “We are delighted to have sourced a company with the drive, initiative and enthusiasm displayed by Advanced Supply Chain in all our pre-contract discussions.

“They have the full range of logistics services available and are operating very successfully. As a result, we are confident we have chosen the perfect partner to help us establish the UK into one of our major destinations.”