UK may drop its pants on tariffs, but the EU is unlikely to play ball, warns ParcelHero

The UK Government announced today it will scrap tariffs on most shipments coming into Britain following a no deal Brexit; and ruled out new checks and controls at the EU/UK Irish border in an attempt to reduce new costs, delays and red tape.

But the international delivery expert ParcelHero says that delays and checks will still be likely on the EU side of Customs borders.

ParcelHero’s head of consumer research, David Jinks, warns: “The UK may have lowered its pants, metaphorically speaking, and announced no tariffs on 87% of imports post a no-deal Brexit – including 92% of  imports from non-EU countries, up from 56% currently – but the Chancellor in his Spring Statement has acknowledged the EU is unlikely to be so liberal.

“The Chancellor admitted in his speech today that the UK may have put in place ‘mitigations’ at our borders but “we cannot regulate how the EU would operate its border in a no deal Brexit.

“The temporary abolition of tariffs, and checks on goods crossing the Irish border, are good news for importers and anyone bringing in goods from overseas. But British exporters still have no idea what they will be facing on British goods shipping to the EU.

“There was some good news for British consumers, for example, we currently pay a tariff of 14% on TVs coming into Britain from overseas, but under these no-deal Brexit plans we will pay no duties on them. However, with the news that we will be imposing duties on some EU goods for the first time –  18% of EU imported goods will be hit by new UK tariffs – we cannot expect a rapturous response from our European neighbours. We may have made the first move, but our surrender on products from car parts to cereals is not likely to receive a mutual embrace from EU members.”

For more details of the costs and challenges facing the UK’s exporters post-Brexit see ParcelHero’s report: Revealed – the True Cost of Brexit: