UK online gambling maintaining strong growth rates

Although the UK’s high street betting shops have suffered a period of sharp decline, it seems that online gambling is gaining an ever more sizeable share of the market. Earlier this May we saw the Gambling Commission release its latest figures for the UK market that showed that online gambling contributed a gross gambling yield of £5.63 billion for the 12 months from the end of March 2018.

Online gambling now makes up 38.8% of all UK gambling revenues, and this figure is on the rise. Casino games form the largest part of this total with online slots contributing nearly two-thirds of the final number. So what is it about the UK’s online gambling industry that is making it so powerful?

Transparent and helpful information for consumers

Thanks to internet technologies, it is now remarkably easy for anybody in the UK to find out detailed and resourceful information about any online gambling provider. For example, the information presented on the 888 Casino Review website provides the user with clear and transparent facts to help them make up their mind about the brand.

Such an abundance of information is in direct contrast with other countries where confusion over the legality of gambling has made it hard for customers to know where they stand in regards to an online provider.

Relaxed legislation over advertising

Many other nations also put a strict clampdown upon how online gambling providers are allowed to advertise. While the UK has introduced strict laws that prohibit adverts for sports betting and casino gaming being shown before the watershed, after this point, it’s very common to see TV schedules filled with adverts for online gambling providers.

Such deregulation over advertising is also common in the UK sports scene. A huge number of shirts of Premier League football clubs carry the name of online gambling brands, and it’s this exposure that has helped power the online gambling revolution in the nation.

Greater emphasis on gambling responsibly

As a result, there was an 11% increase in self-exclusions in the prior 12 months. Such figures help to legitimise the idea that online gambling in the UK is an activity that can be carried out responsibly. Such a concept has helped online gambling become something that is socially acceptable and has brought the phenomenon into the mainstream.

Gambling regulators in the UK have also taken steps to ensure that customers are adequately protected when they play online casino games and bet on sports online. The UK Gambling Commission has been instrumental in makiing sure that online gambling companies provide their customers with the ability to exclude themselves from the sites.

The move from High Street shops to the online domain

The arrival of online commerce has decimated the UK high street. The betting sector has proven to be a particularly hard hit with UK bookmakers having to close hundreds of betting shops across the country.

The sheer convenience offered by online gambling technologies is undoubtedly behind this trend. With customers now being able to bet on thousands of sports and play endless casino games with a tap on a smartphone screen, it’s hard to imagine how traditional betting shops could ever keep up.

Although the move from physical services to online technologies will have caused damage to employment in the betting industry, the growth of online gambling has brought vast amounts of money into the government coffers. So while other industries like food and drink are battling with political turmoil, it seems that online gambling has proven to be relatively unaffected.