UK plant-based meat company sees 33% increase in sales of plant-based bacon during lockdown


Realistic meat alternative company THIS has reported sales of 1.2 million rashers since lockdown began, resulting in an increase of 33% in sales of their plant-based bacon, since lockdown.

A fry up or pancake topper staple, the Isn’t bacon plant-based rashers, made by UK food company THIS have about 10% shrinkage when cooked vs real bacon which is about 60% – this means that there is a higher density of salt in cooked real bacon, of which people are resultantly more likely to eat more.

THIS Isn’t Bacon rashers was awarded a Great Taste Award last year and one judge said it tastes “like methadone for ex-bacon loving vegetarians!”. It’s also proven to be more nutritional than the real thing, including that it’s:

  • Not carcinogenic (real bacon classified as type 1 carcinogen by WHO)
  • Significantly less salt than majority of real smoked bacon brands – THIS Isn’t Bacon: 2.7g/100g)
  • Zero nitrates vs real bacon
  • Significantly less fat
  • More protein than real bacon! (THIS Isn’t Bacon: 24.5g/100g)

Andy Shovel, co-founder of THIS stated: “Our bacon looks, smells and tastes, like bacon. Except it isn’t bacon, it’s better.”

Discussing the health benefits of THIS Isn’t bacon rashers, Dr Magda Robinson commented: “The nutrition is vastly superior to bacon – I’m especially impressed at the extremely low levels of fat and saturated fat and the much lower levels of salt. The high protein content makes it very filling. Being nitrite and nitrate-free means that it won’t increase the risk of bowel and stomach cancer like processed meat does”

The bacon butty may be Britain’s best-loved sandwich, however a recent study conducted by The Vegan Society has found that 1 in 5 consumers in the UK have reduced their meat intake during the COVID-19 pandemic. Piggybacking on plant-based lifestyles, 43% of Brits claimed that their dietary switch was down to health, environmental or animal rights reasons.

Following two years of research and development, partnering with world-leading texture scientists and flavourists, THIS™ mimics meat in taste, texture, appearance and smell, but without the ethical or environmental impact, instead using peas and soya beans as the base. 

Earlier this year Abokado teamed up with THIS™ to launch the UK’s first Vegan Bacon & Avocado bagel, which has become the number one best selling bagel on their menu.

Available nationwide in Waitrose and Ocado, you know what to do.