UK POS has top tips for thriving in the changing UK coffee scene



Despite being one of the coldest winters in almost a century, the UK’s caffeine-junkies are taking their Americanos alfresco. A recent trend in the hospitality industry shows that more café owners are investing in their outdoor spaces, as more consumers want to sit outside. UK POS – the UK’s leading manufacturer of point of sale solutions – believes there are innovative ways to meet the growing demand for shop-front devices.

  • It’s been the case for decades in large parts of mainland Europe; you can blame the climate for the fact it’s taken so long to reach our shores
  • As an alternative to alcohol, a lot of Brits are turning to coffeehouses as a place to relax, socialise and meet new people
  • Outdoor spaces give café owners the chance to extend their capacity, in some cases doubling the amount of customers they can service at any one time
  • These additional customers – particularly the ones sat at the front of your shop – will act as a marketing device in their own right
  • With a crowd of cheerful coffee consumers outside your shop, you’re bound to convince passers-by that your place is the place to be
  • UK POS has been manufacturing point of sale products for nearly 25 years and is continually adapting to changing market trends when it comes to working with retailers to market their offers
  • Best selling products include acrylic free-standing poster holders and snap frames
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UK POS offers advice on how to make the most of your outdoor space:

  1. Coffee that makes the occasionIf all goes to plan, your coffeehouse will become a hub for social coffee drinkers. It’s a case of association; if consumers strolling by see people in social circles outside your café, it plants a seed in their minds. Next time they’re looking for a place to sit down and chew the fat they’ll be coming your way. The best way to reinforce this connection is through POS devices like Café Barrier Systems, which offer a cost-effective way to amplify your brand to the general public.
  2. Make the most of your spaceBe wary, if your outdoor area is nothing more than a couple of frosty stools, you run the risk of having the adverse effect and turning customers away. Make the most of your space with barrier systems, chalk boards, pavement signs or A-boards, which provide a versatile way to communicate brand messaging, or even just your daily offers. These devices can also act as a great visual aid, engaging your audience and opening a whole new channel of personalised communication.
  3. No room at the inn?If everything goes to plan, and your outdoor space becomes the hotspot of town, then you’ll eventually be faced with competition for seats. We’re not advising you start taking reservations – you’re a coffeehouse, convenience is crucial – however, you can take advantage of the situation and invest in a free standing menu board. When customers come, see you’re full, but like the look of the place, they can take away just how fairly priced your drinks are. That way, they’re bound to come back later! Alternatively, you could take a leaf out of our friends across the pond’s book and go all American by introducing a ‘Wait to be seated’ sign, allowing you to manage your tables effectively.