UK retailers see digital revenue grow 10% in Q1 2018, Salesforce reports


UK retailers see digital revenue grow 10% in Q1, 2018. All of the growth in traffic and orders came from mobile devices in the UK, which saw computer and tablet use decline in both KPIs year-over year. Mobile devices drove 25% of UK’s order growth and 17% of UK’s traffic growth.

UK shoppers are the most mobile in Europe – 67% of all visits in the UK are coming from a mobile device, the highest rate of mobile usage seen across all regions.

UK shoppers saw the biggest increase in merchandise discount rates (38%) across all regions and countries within the Shopping Index. Following global and European trends, the share of visits coming from mobile devices remained flat in Q1 at 5% overall traffic.

Jamie Merrick, director, industry strategy and insights at Salesforce Commerce Cloud , says: “The chilly weather may have impacted store traffic, but it’s also led to more sales for online retailers. It’s been a positive start to 2018 in the UK as online retailers saw digital revenue grow by 10% like for like in Q1. This has been fuelled by an increase in both digital traffic (6%) and shopper spend (4%) and indicates that UK shoppers are growing increasingly confident and are aware of the benefits of online shopping.”

“Q4 last year saw a 21% traffic increase from mobile and it’s a similar story in the first quarter of 2018 with UK mobile traffic growing 17% year on year and phones now accounting for 40% of all UK orders. In fact, looking at the global results, mobile use drove digital growth overall – a sign that shoppers worldwide prefer to use mobile devices to browse retail sites than computers and tablets. There’s no doubt that the rise of mobile is inexorable – both for general use and for shopping – and I expect it will account for a larger share of online orders throughout 2018 and beyond. For retailers, there’s an opportunity to take advantage of this consistent trend of mobile growth by prioritising ‘mobile-first’ strategies, ranging from artificial intelligence and Apple Pay to Instagram integration.”

“UK retailers are going through a huge transition at the moment. With new technologies coming online all the time, customers are only going to get more connected and shopping journeys more complicated. As shoppers expectations continue to rise in our connected age, savvy retailers are collaborating with trusted technology partners that can help deliver a blended online and in-store experience – both at scale and with greater agility than legacy systems.”