UK shoppers seek out new grocery lines


Almost half of British shoppers (46%) are actively looking out for new groceries when shopping and a third of shoppers (32%) say they’ve bought a new product in the last month, according to latest research from international food and grocery expert IGD.

The findings, in post-recession Britain, suggest shoppers do still have an appetite for innovation and are keen to experiment and try something new, said the IGD.

The IGD’s Shopper-led Product and Range Innovation report also reveals the top five features that encourage British shoppers to buy a new product. They are:

  • If the product is healthier (27%)
  • Whether it is better quality (23%)
  • If it offers better performance (21%)
  • Whether there is an interesting flavour/smell or recipe (19%)
  • If it makes life easier (18%)

According to shoppers, laundry and cleaning products (23%), toiletries (22%), fruit and vegetables (18%), and breakfast cereals (18%) are the top four categories at providing new products.

In addition, when asked how they find out about new products, almost half of British shoppers (48%) said it was through a mixture of in-store merchandising and above-the-line advertising.

Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD said: “At a time when money is tight, retailers and manufacturers should not walk away from innovation – shoppers haven’t. In 2005, 47% of British shoppers said they were consciously looking out for new grocery products when shopping. Five years on, and even post-recession, British shoppers still have an appetite for new products – but what they’re looking for is changing.

“As we enter a new landscape, companies must address the evolving needs of today’s shoppers through their research and development, and continue to push technical boundaries, delivering new exciting groceries for British consumers.”