UK shoppers spend an average of £3,370.00 online each year, survey shows


WorldPay: online spend

WorldPay: online spend

UK shoppers spent on average £3,370.00 online in the last year, according to the 2012 WorldPay eCommerce Basket survey.

The survey, which polled 2,000 online shoppers in the UK, provides insight into the products and services purchased and the average value spent online in a year.

According to the research, 40% of consumers shop online at least four times a month with 10% saying in an average month they purchased products online 10 or more times. Nearly 60% of consumers shop online up to three times a month.

Key findings from online shoppers who bought the following goods and services:

  • Groceries – Of all grocery products, UK consumers are most likely to buy fruit and vegetables online (31% and 32% respectively) than any other product. However, the most was spent on alcohol. Men who’ve purchased alcohol online spent £217 compared to women who spent £138
  • Fashion and clothing – Shoes were the most popular fashion and clothing item to be purchased online. 49% of females and 38% of males have bought shoes online in the last year. The most was spent on handbags, with women spending on average £187
  • Travel – Of those consumers who booked travel online, 42% booked hotel/accommodation online, while 38% purchased air travel. The average amount spent on package holidays was £1,608
  • Money and finance – 43% said they have purchased car and breakdown cover online in the last year and 40% bought home insurance. Only 7% said they had bought life insurance online. £768 is the average amount spent by online shoppers who pay for utility bills online
  • Entertainment and lifestyle – 57% of consumers in the UK purchase books and literature online, compared to only 15% on film rentals and downloads

The survey highlighted the online shopping habits of men and women and showed men are more prolific shoppers online, typically spending an average of £3,495.00 a year compared to women who spent marginally less – £3,120.00.

Men spent £145 more a year on electronics, £150 more on lifestyle and entertainment and £235 more on travel. Women, however, spent more on fashion and clothing with an average of £315 compared to £188 by men.

Gabriel Hopkins, head of e-commerce products, WorldPay, said: “Every day we hear reports consumer spending is under pressure, but e-commerce continues to grow at a healthy rate. Men are renowned for avoiding shops, but they’re enthusiastic e-shoppers.

“Men typically spend the most online except in the areas of fashion and clothing where women are power shoppers, spending almost twice as much. With more people than ever buying physical and virtual goods online, it’ll be intriguing to see whether this cultural shift has an impact on the ONS basket contents and value,” said Hopkins.