UK soft drinks market posts value gains but volume fall, 2013 report shows

Positive results came out of a difficult year for the soft drinks industry, according to the 2013 UK Soft Drinks Report, Refreshing the nation, published by the British Soft Drinks Association (BSDA).

The economic climate is tough and the weather last year was poor, but the overall retail value of the soft drinks industry rose by 3.3% in 2012 to nearly £15bn. Overall volumes were down by 2.5%, to 14.2bn litres or 227 litres per person.

The mixed picture was also seen among the different sectors of the soft drinks market: bottled water and energy drinks volumes were up, while carbonates, dilutables and fruit juice volumes were down.

The 2013 UK Soft Drinks Report also shows soft drinks are consumed in more than 99% of households.

Soft drinks containing added sugar made up 39% of the market, while no added sugar drinks represent 61%

Overweight and obese consumers are less likely than average to consume soft drinks, exploding the myth that soft drinks consumption is the cause of obesity, said the BSDA. The 2013 UK Soft Drinks Report also reveals that, when they do choose a soft drink, overweight and obese consumers are more likely than average to choose a no added sugar drink rather than a drink containing added sugar.

Gavin Partington, BSDA director general, said: “It’s been a tough year for the economy, but the soft drinks industry has come through it well. Keeping in touch with people’s tastes is central to the industry’s success, as the prominent role of drinks without added sugar shows.”