UK takeaway food business saw a huge rise in orders during lockdown, Foodhub reports


The UK takeaway food business saw a huge rise in orders during lockdown – and this shows no sign of reducing, despite the relaxation of many lockdown restrictions. Foodhub, one of the UK’s leading food ordering apps, has revealed that despite the reopening of outdoor hospitality in April, more Brits than ever are tucking into a regular takeaway treat, compared to pre-lockdown last year. 

Foodhub spokesman, Ardian Mula, said: “Over the past 12 months, ordering a takeaway meal rather than choosing to cook at home, has become something of a national past-time. However, even though families can now go out to eat, the volume of takeaway orders is not diminishing.”

Analysts from Foodhub have revealed that the platform saw a 65% increase in orders between January 2020 (before restrictions) and full lockdown in April 2020. The country still wanted food cooked for them and looked to support local restaurants with a takeaway delivery directly to their door.

And, while many commentators expected a slowdown or reduction in takeaway food delivery orders as lockdown restrictions slowly lifted in the past month and people were able to get out to restaurants again, this hasn’t been the case.

In fact, year-on-year, there has been a 42% increase in takeaway orders in April 2021 when compared to April 2020. 

Foodhub experts say they expect the demand for takeaway food to remain high as the UK comes out of the pandemic. 

So, while the UK has been rejoicing in the easing of lockdown restrictions, a few drinks at the pub are still being followed by a takeaway ordered from the comfort of their own home, which means the volume of takeaway orders remains high.

Mula added: “We saw a 65% increase in the number of takeaway meals ordered via Foodhub from January 2020 to April 2020 as lockdown first hit. And, subsequently, despite the easing of lockdown, we’ve seen a 42% increase in orders from April 2020 to April 2021. There is no sign that Britain’s love of great takeaway food is at risk of dilution.

“This past year has been a tough time for everyone and we’re so happy to see the reopening of hospitality venues across the country. We’re also thrilled that we’ve been able to offer restaurants and cafes the opportunity to join the Foodhub platform to provide takeaway options, offering them a chance to maintain their business even though they had to close their doors. 

While some aggregator apps are still charging up to 36% commission, Foodhub operates a 0% model, meaning it does not take a commission from the food establishments for each order placed. This enables them to offer better prices and deals to customers than other online food platforms. In fact, the Foodhub model can save the average takeaway partner £2,250* a month – approximately £30,000 extra in their till every year.

“Here at Foodhub our non-commission model means we can offer takeaway restaurants a better deal, and that means they can pass on keener prices and deals to their customers – unlike other online food delivery platforms.”  

Foodhub currently has over 20,000 restaurant and takeaway partners in the UK and is the only major food ordering app not to charge a service fee for each order. 

To find out how meals ordered via Foodhub are on average 15% cheaper than other providers, visit

Foodhub has also just announced the appointment of new chief revenue officer Martin Hawkes, who brings over 25 years of dedicated sales experience to the rapidly growing brand.

As part of his new role, in which he oversees field sales, telesales and marketing on a global scale, Martin works with a core team of five managers, between them responsible for over 160 staff worldwide. 

Previously the vice president of sales for MICROS, a global POS provider – Hawkes ran the retail division of the company where he was responsible for a turnover of around £60M. 

The success of Hawke’s work with MICROS resulted in him being head-hunted by private equity company Better Capital, where he helped in the  transformation of Omnico Group leading the sales and marketing teams on a global basis. 

2020 saw Foodhub achieve incredible success, including overtaking Uber Eats on the number of restaurant partners. Martin has been brought in to maximise growth potential across multiple territories, whilst streamlining processes within the rapidly growing business.

Hawkes said: “When you look across the board at the different takeaway aggregator apps, Foodhub is an organisation in the right space at the right time to make real change in the industry. Having the opportunity to help shape such a fast-growing organisation at a key time in its development is what really attracted me to the role. 

“What we’re doing is creating a commercial model that is completely unique on this scale; one which has the potential to completely change the market as we know it. I’m excited to see where the next 12 months takes us.”