UK’s first juice with chia seeds, wow, wins listing with Waitrose

Wow, the first chia seed based drink in Europe will be available nationwide from 29 August having secured a listing with leading supermarket retailer, Waitrose.  The cold pressed drinks launched in the UK last month and are currently available in Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic, Harrods and Ocado.

Each bottle is made by carefully cold-pressing high quality fruit and vegetables and then combining with hydrated chia seeds. wow prides itself on delivering juices that are “made amazing” by using the best ingredients, processes and practices. The juice is preserved using High Pressure Processing (HPP) which conserves the nutritional goodness of each ingredient, delivering a raw and fresh product.

Each bottle of wow contains 11.36g of chia seeds, an ingredient hailed as a superfood by the UK’s booming health industry. Chia seeds are nutritional powerhouses, packed full of omega-3s, protein, calcium and antioxidants. They can also help boost our immune systems, strengthen our bones and improve our hair, skin and nails.The high protein and fibre content found in chia seeds means they help suppress your appetite and keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Wow Food & Drinks, the company behind wow, is pioneering and challenging the existing product market. Founded in London by two young entrepreneurs and university friends, Oliver Dickinson and Rory Paterson, the company is disrupting the drinks market through its bold approach to product innovation. They are the first company in Europe to be granted FSA approval to produce chia seed based drinks, extending the juice drinks category.

Oliver Dickinson, co-founder Wow Food & Drinks, saidWe are very excited to launch wow nationwide through our recent listing with Waitrose. Having experienced the health benefits of chia seeds first hand, we want to share this experience and deliver a product which makes people feel amazing. With wow now being stocked in one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, were enabling more people to enjoy the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables with the intrinsic wellbeing benefits of chia.

Available in four flavours: watermelon & pomegranate; orange, mango & carrot; apple, spinach & kiwi; and blueberry, pear & lemon, wowdrinks are raw, cold pressed and made using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to deliver the natural goodness, vitamins, and minerals from all ingredients.

The brand has also launched in Germany and Scandinavia, with listings in major German supermarkets Kaiser/ Tengelmann and Edeka, and Austrias Spar. wow is also due to launch in France in September and Spain later this year.