Unicoop Tirreno renews Revionics price optimisation to support coherent pricing across multiple formats


A Revionics customer since 2014, Unicoop Tirreno traces its roots to 1945 post-war Italy. Its focus goes beyond the supermarkets and convenience stores that serve its members to embrace the ethics of social responsibility and the cooperative spirit. Building on the five-year usage of Revionics Price Optimization and analytical services including Key Value Item Analysis to fuel its product differentiation and Store Zone Clustering to ensure coherent pricing across multiple banners, Unicoop Tirreno again has executed a renewal agreement for Revionics Price Optimization.

Across their multi-year collaborative relationship, Unicoop Tirreno and Revionics have delivered multiple benefits to Unicoop and its member-owners. “We continue to unlock value both for the business and for our customers using Revionics,” said Unicoop Tirreno commercial director Christophe Guiniot. “In our years of using Revionics we have better achieved our pricing objectives and benefited from continuing to fine-tune both our pricing strategy and rules. With Revionics’ science-based price optimization, we are able to maintain profit targets while driving measurable increases in units and revenue.”

“As our business continues to evolve and change, we value Revionics’ demonstrated commitment to help us adapt efficiently,” added Armando Picuno, director of operations for Unicoop Tirreno. “We value the collaborative business relationship that continues to grow and deepen.”

As an independent Cooperative that works for the benefit of consumers and the community, Unicoop Tirreno also values quality customer support. “We know that the Revionics support team’s price strategists are both responsive and knowledgeable, and they actively help us to address our changing needs,” said CIO Walter Fabbri. “Together we are committed to bringing prices that are attractive and meaningful to Unicoop shoppers while sustaining a healthy operating model.”

“At Revionics, we pride ourselves on productive, profitable collaboration to drive business success for progressive retailers like Unicoop Tirreno,” said Revionics Chairman and CEO Marc H. Hafner. “We are excited to extend the relationship and continue to drive compelling, measurable results for Unicoop in the coming years.”