Union Hand-Roasted launches Yayu Wild Forest Coffee from South-West Ethiopia in Waitrose

Craft coffee expert, Union Hand-Roasted, is launching Yayu Wild Forest Coffee from South-West Ethiopia into Waitrose this May. This speciality coffee is from one of the last and most important reserves for the preservation of wild Arabica Coffee. Together with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and The Darwin Initiative, the partnership supports both the unique coffee biosphere and the surrounding Yayu community.

Yayu Forest Wild Coffee is produced by three co-operatives in the region and works as a syrupy bodied espresso with a soft citrus taste with notes of marzipan and bourbon biscuits that lend depth to the coffee or as a lighter filter brew, where flavours reminiscent of kumquat, brown sugar and bittersweet notes of roasted cocoa beans are displayed. RRP £5.50 with 25p from each pack donated to the Yayu project.

Steven Macatonia, co-founder at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, says: “We are proud to be playing a vital role in the protection of the wild coffee forest and surrounding forested areas in Ethiopia to benefit livelihoods and nature conservation. Union Hand-Roasted work with the communities at Yayu to improve the quality of coffee which, via Union Direct Trade, ensures that better prices are paid to the farmer. An increase in the value of coffee leads to greater importance being placed on the forest – which provides an incentive for its preservation. The listing in Waitrose is the perfect way for us to help raise both awareness and funds for the campaign and to continue to support the amazing work we have been doing alongside The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and The Darwin Initiative.”

Yayu Wild Forest (RRP £5.50) Wholebean will be available in Waitrose from May and 25p from each pack will be donated to the Yayu project.