Unlocking the potential of online email marketing in 2022

Email marketing is an essential part of any online or offline business in 2022. Reaching out to past, present, and potential customers to let them know what you have on offer and to keep them up to date with news is essential in building brand loyaltyand engagement. However, it is not as simple as drafting a newsletter and pressing send as there are many things you need to take into consideration.

For example, maintaining and creating your list, verifying email addresses, being compliant, and making sure there are no mistakes should be a concrete part of your process. Then you need to draft new content that will make recipients click, read, and follow through. Here are some tips covering all the bases.

Have a good list

Once upon a time, marketers could buy lists of recipients and send their newsletters to them without a care. But in 2022, not only is this ineffective, but it could also be against the rules in Europe and other countries. Your recipient list must include people who have opted into your marketing. This means they are interested in what you have to say, could potentially be clients, and are much more likely to read an email from you that lands in their inbox.

Opting in means you are compliant with the rules- but just make sure you allow them to opt out quickly should they so desire. Nurturing a good list is smart, and the results will be worth their weight in gold.

Email verification software

At the most basic level, email verification software can tell marketers if an address is in use or not, this makes email marketing lists much more efficient and cost-effective. When compiling lists of emails to send to, it is helpful to know which are active and which are not to save sending emails to people that will never read them. This email verification software is an example of one that is good for digital profiling. Still, many other kinds provide deliverability tests, prospecting, integration within the newsletter, general marketing, domain searches, and removing temporary email addresses.

Some will even help you navigate spam traps, meaning your hard work is much less likely to end up in the spam folder. The average opening rate for marketing emails is between 16-20%, according to Statista, and a high bounce rate means you are more likely to end up being flagged as spam. Verification software reduces costs and improves your performance, making your work much more effective.

Get them to proofread

It doesn’t matter how careful you are; you should always get a second set of eyes on your email before it goes. They can be a professional editor or colleague prepared to comb through the text to check for errors or issues. Be sure to make a checklist of things to check, including subject line, greeting, spelling, grammar, sign-off, hyperlinks, sponsor, content, logos, images, and credits where necessary.

Often when you spend a long time working on something, it’s easy to overlook minor mistakes. This is why you need someone else to come along and double-check. Errors can make you look unprofessional and make clients less likely to trust or buy from you.

Examples of excellent email marketing campaigns

As we’ve outlined above, creating the best email marketing campaign requires lots of pieces – great content, a solid strategy, a niche message, and suitable tools. Here are some examples of businesses that have launched excellent email marketing campaigns in recent years. Take note of their accomplishments and learn from the very best!

Wool and the Gang

Wool and the Gang is an online store selling a wide range of products for knitting, crochet, and other forms of textile creation. They strive to make crafting accessible to all while promoting inclusivity and accessibility through using simple language and patterns that suit every size and shape. As well as providing a range of yarns, kits, tools, and patterns, they also offer tutorials and step-by-step guides on YouTube and various other platforms.

Kits and patterns are filtered by difficulty type, and they also provide help via direct message. Their recent marketing campaign was a huge success due to using a friendly approach that is common between their target audience and their peers.

It included emails with subject lines that mimic those customers would send to each other, for example, “Plans tonight?” followed by a GIF of a conversation taking place on iMessage, which customers are familiar with. After setting a conversational tone, the email then progresses to offer tutorial videos, information, and then lastly, the items for sale.


Many receive tens, if not more, of promotional emails daily. Therefore, it can be challenging for companies to get the attention of their clients. One great way to do it has been demonstrated by Brooklinen this year. The company was started by a couple who aimed to offer excellent quality but also affordable bed linen. They focus on providing excellent quality products manufactured responsibly and presented at the best price. In a competitive sector, it is essential to get people’s attention, and that is exactly what they did with their latest campaign.

With a simple subject heading such as “hmm, what’s this?” they pique the interest of customers who are browsing an inbox full of promotions. Once attention and curiosity have been grabbed, they also use GIFs to further bolster their message before inviting you to set a reminder in your calendars to check back for further information. This helps develop excitement and ensures that even if readers forget about the email, their calendar will remind them!

Tuft and Needle

Tuft and Needle is a US-based bedding and mattress retailer that has positioned itself head-to-head with brick-and-mortar retailers in the online sphere and in-store sales. Again, the sector is competitive, with buyers not having much in the way of buyer loyalty, as purchases tend to be driven by price and will not need to be replaced for a long time. One of the biggest issues companies face with online sales is cart abandonment. Tuft and Needle provide a great example of follow-up emailing that is not intrusive or pushy but remains influential.

After abandoning a cart on their site, the first email received is with the subject line “The Spookiest Bed Time Story Ever” before talking about the experience of shopping for mattresses, particularly online. The company then handles various client objections before sending a second email.

This email lets the customer know about the value vs. cost of their products before a third email focuses on their satisfaction guarantee and shows you how straightforward it is to return a product. This creates a highly effective dialogue, encouraging buyers to follow through with their purchases.