Unwrap a golden sales opportunity with Boursin Film4 partnership


Bel UK is excited to reveal an impactful new golden pack redesign and its biggest ever TV sponsorship. The year-long partnership between Boursin, the No.1 speciality cheese1 and the 9pm film on Film4 is launching from 10 April.

The multi-million-pound investment, including PR & Digital, is set to make Boursin synonymous with the indulgent evening snacking occasion.

With 49% of all snacking occurring in the evening and specialty cheese over-indexing within these occasions3, the partnership will provide brand visibility 365 days of the year to create the perfect opportunity to maximise evening snacking sales.

Steve Gregory (marketing director, Bel UK) says: “The Film4 Sponsorship will reach 57% of the UK population who enjoy an evening snack4, enhancing brand relevance and bringing more ‘evening snackers’ into the cheese fixture whilst driving penetration of the mid-week opportunity.”

The sponsorship is part of a much wider brand investment that includes the eye-catching packaging update which launches in April to ensure Boursin stands out on the shelf and is easily locatable for consumers, while also making it a must-stock for retailers as a clear indicator for the speciality cheese category.

Rupinder Downie, partnership controller at Channel 4, said: “This partnership provides Boursin with the ideal opportunity to promote its speciality cheeses. Being associated with top quality content, Film4 is a much sought after brand for sponsors and it’s a perfect fit for Boursin.”

Enhancing Boursins critical role as a category signpost and beacon for familiar, indulgent quality, the new and improved recipe with finely cut herbs, intense garlic and a generous creamy texture will provide the most indulgent of evening treat moments.

The creative will celebrate a humorous new wave theme to play homage to the French heritage of the brand, the strap line nods to the iconic notion of Boursin with ‘Du pain, Du vin, Du Film4 Sponsored by Boursin’.