Updated Mega nom noms two-course meal now available for grown-ups


The successful children’s range of ready meals by multi award-winning food brand Mini nom noms is accompanied by the revamped adult Mega nom noms range. Available at Ocado, it has larger portions, new blended spice combinations and still packed with healthy ingredients.

The range of chilled adult ready meals comes in five different dishes, all inspired by authentic cuisines from around the world. The five meals in the range include the Veggie Tagine from Morocco, the Chicken Laksa from Malaysia, the Fish Thali from Southern India and two Tiffins – Lamb and Chicken – from Northern India. Nom noms world food is the first food brand to create both a child and adult version of the same meal, to appeal to the whole family though its range.

“Our adult range is every bit as delicious as the children’s range. We have added new Masala and Spice mixes (from 5 November) to give them a real boost in flavour – you can add this to make your meal as spicy as you like. The ingredients are authentic and healthy so the whole family can enjoy the taste of a home-cooked meal after a busy day. We use a unique balanced blend of spices, herbs and flowers to create each meal’s unique and authentic flavour,” said Lisa Sohanpal, founder and director of Nom noms.

The two-course meals include a main dish, side, and a dip or chutney. Dedicated to producing authentic and healthy meals without the nasties, Nom noms include hidden vegetables in the curry dishes, and no added salt or sugar. The Mega nom noms adult range also comes with the option to pour a carefully crafted Masala Mix or Spice Mix for that extra kick of spicy flavour. Each meal has its own unique spice mix, expertly made to complement each distinctive meal.

With the children’s meals, Mini nom noms for kids (250g serving), and the adult range, Mega nom noms for grown-ups (400g) it’s possible to have a Nom noms family dinner as a weekly treat! It’s convenient, healthy and everyone in the family can enjoy the meals – mix, pour, dip and sprinkle, and experience different taste combinations.