US-based fast food restaurant chain, Five Guys, tailors playlist to new UK outlets

Five Guys: rock sound at new UK sites

Five Guys: rock sound at new UK sites

Five Guys, the US-based fast food restaurant chain, has appointed music and video technology specialist, PlayNetwork, to create a unique music experience for its UK restaurants.

Five Guys, whose menu consists of upmarket burgers and fries, opened its first UK outlet on 4 July 2013 in Covent Garden, London – its first restaurant outside North America. The brand also opened its second location in Reading last week. The brand selected PlayNetwork to design the same experience found in its US restaurants.

PlayNetwork’s technology allows brands to deliver music messaging content. The company has developed a rock sound for Five Guys, which is claimed to have a distinguished affiliation with rock and roll music. Playlists, designed by PlayNetwork, allow Five Guys to adjust sounds to mirror the atmosphere and time of day.

Five Guys, which has been described by Forbes as America’s fastest-growing restaurant chain, has over 1,100 outlets, and is growing at a rapid pace.

“Music plays a pivotal role to the customer experience at Five Guys and PlayNetwork has designed a sound, which stays true to our heritage,” said Marcel Khan, director of operations for Five Guys UK. “The customer experience, created by PlayNetwork, has helped us to successfully launch in the UK, with the same image as our US restaurants.”

Eager customers reportedly waited in line for up to three hours at the Five Guys UK launch.

“Five Guys’ ultimate goal was to launch in the UK with the same messaging that has made their US restaurants so successful,” said Peter Sheppard, VP of digital design at PlayNetwork. “We’ve produced a playlist that helps to maintain the brand’s identity here in the UK, and enhances the customer experience.”

PlayNetwork works with some of the world’s largest brands, including Ray-Ban, Victoria’s Secret and Abercrombie & Fitch.