Valpak and OPRL forge alliance for mutual member benefit on packaging recycling labelling

Valpak, the UK’s largest packaging compliance scheme and OPRL, the industry standard for packaging recycling labelling, are forming a close alliance to support their overlapping memberships.

OPRL operates the UK-wide On-Pack Recycling Label scheme used by over 600 brands. The new partnership will help to ensure that packaging is easily recyclable and clearly labelled to engage consumers in recycling. OPRL will use Valpak data to strengthen its services for packaging producers, and to encourage consumer participation in recycling.

Jane Bevis, chair of OPRL, said: “We are constantly looking for ways to add value to our membership and this new alliance with Valpak is the latest drive to achieve this. By ensuring that packaging reviews are underpinned by accurate data and analysis, our two organisations can give the best – and consistent – advice on improving recyclability across a member’s packaging range, and on engaging consumers in actually recycling.”

OPRL’s rapidly growing membership includes packaging supply chain businesses seeking to support their clients in achieving full recyclability of packaging wherever possible. The label provides a clear call to action to consumers. The new alliance also means that Valpak’s members will be able to access a fully aligned service on the recyclability and labelling of their packaging within Valpak’s Data Management Portal.

Jane Bevis added: “We’re very excited that our new consumer recycling app, to be launched shortly as part of the #LeedsByExample project led by the recycling charity Hubbub, will engage consumers – particularly Millennials – in recycling on-the-go drinks packaging by giving accurate and location-specific recycling advice. Underpinning that with up-to-date bring site data will be vital to building consumer confidence, so we’re delighted Valpak are joining OPRL and working so closely with us. Together we’ll add more joint services over time.”

Commenting on the announcement, Steve Gough, chief executive of Valpak, said “We are delighted to be working closely with OPRL in order to support both the increased recyclability and recycling of packaging. Through this alliance, we will be able to offer our members a detailed assessment of the recyclability of their packaging, supporting them to identify those areas for targeted improvement and monitoring the changes made. Valpak is also pleased that it can support OPRL’s new recycling app initiative through the inclusion of our bring site location database, therefore contributing to boosting consumer engagement in recycling.”is to support every stage in the packaging materials cycle to help realise a truly circular economy.”