Varta secures promotional listings with top UK retailers and adds on-pack claims

New on-pack claims

New on-pack claims

Leading consumer battery manufacturer Varta has secured promotional listings with major UK retailers and introduced new packaging, which compares its products with market-leading brands. 

The company, which is Germany’s top consumer battery manufacturer and number two in Europe, has also introduced new portable power solutions to target the growth of mobile devices and is launching a further consumer challenge for its range of torches.

Varta’s latest retail coup in the UK is a new listing with Tesco to supply the rechargeable batteries that go in household telephones. The Varta products will be placed in the same aisle as the phones to capture the attention of shoppers.  

Anthony Sewart, sales and marketing director at Varta Consumer UK, said: “Although mobile devices are leading the way in telecommunications, a large number of people still have cordless or corded telephone handsets in their homes. As such, it is important to stock the right batteries for the market. Our focus on easy to understand packaging and product differentiation, as well as our commitment to supply all rechargeable batteries as ready to use, helps us to stand out from the competition.”  

The Tesco listing follows on from a number of short-term promotional campaigns with a top three national supermarket chain, featuring High Energy AA and AAA batteries, and a leading home improvement and garden centre retailer, featuring High Energy and Long Life battery multi-packs, said Varta. In addition, Varta said it has carried out promotional listings in one of the UK’s leading pharmacy, health and beauty chains, one of the top UK booksellers and a leading home and general merchandise digital retailer. 

Sewart said: “We are very pleased that more and more top retailers are recognising the appeal of our product range and that our profile in the UK is increasing. Our mission is to provide the same for less or more for the same, with the aim of making Varta the battery of choice for UK retailers and consumers alike.” 

On-pack claims

Varta reports its new on-pack claims, which demonstrate its competitively priced cells last just as long as the equivalent market leading product, are proving a hit with UK consumers.  

The new comparative claims packaging was created for officially tested products – AA and AAA cells – under its Max Tech, High Energy and Longlife product lines, with a statement to communicate this message to the consumer at point of sale.  

The strong message, coupled with a vivid product design which resulted from a recent rebrand, has clearly caught the attention of shoppers, Varta said. A trial run, with the comparative claims packs being sold exclusively in forecourts, it reported to have fuelled a 20% increase in sales. 

The comparative claims packaging has been designed to make the brand more appealing to customers, said Varta.

It follows on from independent research into battery life carried out at the beginning of 2012 by Intertek, a respected independent product testing and certification organisation. This demonstrates the overall average typical performance under standard IEC 60086-2, Ed12.0, 2011-02, of VARTA’s AA and AAA cells exceeded the market leader’s equivalent.  

Sewart said: “We were very  pleased that Varta’s AA and AAA alkaline batteries matched the performance of the comparable market-leading product. However, while this was no surprise to us, we felt it important to communicate that message to UK consumers who would not have been aware of this.  

“The resulting increases in sales shows that it has made people stop and think before they automatically buy brands which are already well-established in the UK. We are showing them that there is a genuinely competitive, high-quality alternative.” 

Varta said it now plans to expand its comparative claims message to feature even more prominent messaging on-pack and additional point of sale materials to meet retailer demand.  

Mobile solutions

Portable Powerpack

Portable Powerpack

Varta reports it is also responding to the explosion in the number of smartphones and tablets and constant thirst for power with a range of compact solutions to keep users always ‘on the go’. 

While the tablet accessory market is huge, it has been difficult for retailers and consumers to differentiate between the various products on offer, the company claims. Varta said it has addressed this issue by introducing four new portable power solutions that offer a variety of charging methods designed to meet the lifestyle of consumers; including Portable Powerpacks, USB Charger Car Sets, and Universal Chargers with multiple adapters.   

All the products in Varta’s new line feature sleek compact designs, making each device small enough to carry in purses, briefcases and backpacks. Complete with long-lasting power storage, enhanced portability and the absence of charging cords, these devices rely solely on the Varta batteries – no cords, no outlets, no electricity.

Torches challenge

Indestructible torch

Indestructible torch

Varta is relaunching its challenge to UK consumers to find an inventive way of destroying its Indestructible range of torches, first introduced in 2011. 

Robust enough to survive a drop of up to nine metres – the height of a three storey building or two double decker buses – consumers have tested the award-winning range to its limits. 

A campaign site was launched for people to submit ideas or videos of an Indestructible torch being tested to the limit, with UK entrants going up against global competition. Winners were selected from the 2011 and 2012 batch of videos submitted (view at; with this year’s contest launched on 1 August 2013.