Vecchia Romagna announces launch of ultra-premium ‘Riserva Anniversario’: a brandy 200 years in the making


Vecchia Romagna, the world’s leading Italian made brandy, have today unveiled Riserva Anniversario – a new and remarkably rare limited-edition expression to mark the distiller’s bicentenary year. 

A distillation of 200 years of Italian craftsmanship, the exclusive run of 200 decanters of this Italian masterpiece. Each crystal decanter is handcrafted, individually numbered, and signed by the Salviati Master Glassmakers In Murano, Venice.​

The first will go on sale today via The Whisky Exchange for an RRP of 3,500 £. Each comes complete with a bespoke, handcrafted case and glorifier inspired by the fine oak barrels’ wooden staves used to make Vecchia Romagna and featuring hand-stitched Italian leather. ​Each of the 200 decanters will feature an exclusive Certificate of Authenticity. Riserva Anniversario finds its roots in the Emilia Romagna region in the heart of Italy and brings traditional techniques, flavours, and vintages to the profile of the liquid with the reverence for history intertwined with a sense of modernity for which Vecchia Romagna is renowned for.

The blending of 5 individually selected casks that stretch as far back as 1952 has resulted in a blend with unsurpassed elegance and complexity and offer a multisensorial journey through spice, fruit, sweetness, and woody notes. Aged in fine oak casks and barrique sourced, crafted, and seasoned under the watchful eyes of Vecchia Romagna’s Maestro, each wood expertly marries the different flavours into a harmonious and deeply satisfying symphony.

Each drop of Riserva Anniversario presents a base of sweet, almost buttery, caramel mixed with dark and tropical fruit flavours punctuated by subtle overtones of cinnamon, clove, mace, cardamom, and coriander. On the nose, deep walnut, coffee, and tobacco notes offer a refined and earthy note. The finish is an unctuous mouth coating, which is long and ever-evolving from sip to sip. A taste of 200 years of Italian beauty.

The liquid itself is encased in a uniquely designed bespoke crystal decanter, created exclusively for Vecchia Romagna by the Salviati company of Murano, Venice considered the most skilled glassblowers the world. The iconic triangular masterwork offers a visual representation of the Vecchia Romagna method that uniquely brings together the three key elements – distillation, ageing and blending used since 1820.

Bottled at an ABV of 48%, the liquid’s inimitable flavour is achieved through double distillation and using both discontinuous and continuous distillation methods, to concentrate the aroma and scent of the original wine, whilst bringing greater purity and roundness to the finished distillate.

The launch of Riserva Anniversario comes as part of a growing portfolio of premium Italian aged brown spirits or Vinum Sublimatum as it was once called in Italy centuries ago.

This range includes Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera, distilled from Trebbiano grapes in using the Italian Pot still method of double distillation and available at Waitrose, and Vecchia Romagna Tre Botti – an exceptional blend of brandies aged in three different cask types ranging from  French oak barriques, Slavonian oak casks and Italian red wine barrels – available online at The Whisky Exchange.

Marco Ferrari, CEO of Gruppo Montenegro, said: “With this truly rare and expertly crafted limited release we bring to life the vision that legitimises Italian aged spirits and allows them to play the role they deserve in the world of premium and super-premium alcoholic beverages.

Following the success of Vecchia Romagna Etichetta Nera and Tre Botti, Riserva Anniversario is the third pillar in the Vecchia Romagna Reserve range – a growing portfolio of premium spirits driven by the insatiable demand around the world for all that is Italian.”