Vegan Life launches – supplements that take care of you and the planet

Wellness brand Naturopathica, owned by PharmaCare Europe, launch a new vegan and sustainable vitamin brand, Vegan Life. The new range of plant-based supplements is the first in the UK to have packaging made from compostable and plastic-free materials. In order to expand the current market offering of supplements, Naturopathica has created Vegan Life, with an RRP of £14.99 to appeal to the growing market for consumers seeking vegan products, as well as those that are environmentally aware.

The trend for veganism is still on the rise and not looking to slow down any time soon. This year Veganuary officially saw its largest uptake in the challenge, with nearly 600,000 participants worldwide and with the UK leading the way in numbers. In order to ensure those looking to reduce their meat intake are getting the key nutrients required into their diet, Vegan Life has launched.

The Vegan Life range offers targeted supplements to support several common concerns amongst those following a vegan diet, after data showed that 57% were worried about missing out on key nutrients. Formulated to support the dietary needs of those that are vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians, Vegan Life is a supplement, designed to be taken once a day to easily meet the nutritional needs of those that are both transitioning and maintaining a vegan or meat-free diet. The range includes the popular and all-round immune multi-vit, fatigue fighter, gut care, beauty glow and brain power capsules and all products in the range have been made with the highest quality ingredients.

In order to blend both the demand for increased vegan product choice and the shift towards a conscious consumerism, Vegan Life has been created. Research has shown that 80% of retailers found that their customers’ demand has grown for sustainable packaging across its products, Vegan Life has been created to not only give the body a much-needed boost but to be kind to the planet too.

The first of its kind to be made compostable and plastic-free, consumers can simply place the packaging after use in their normal rubbish disposal which can then be left to decompose, at no cost to the planet with each layer of the pouch serving a specific purpose. The inner sealing layer is a transparent film alternative to conventional plastic films, which is designed to biodegrade just like organic waste in a home compost. The middle layer is made with NatureFlex™ metallised compostable film, made mainly from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. This metallised aluminum surface provides a perfect barrier to keep the product protected. The outer layer is made from Paperwise; reclaimed agricultural waste, which also gives second life to waste usually burned, ensuring that Vegan Life gives back what it’s taken from the earth.

The team at Naturopathica, have only sourced the finest quality ingredients to make Vegan Life to ensure total health and wellness can be maintained. A consumer study found that 49% cited the desire to improve personal health as the main reason for transitioning away from a traditional carnivorous diet, and so supporting consumers to meet these goals is paramount for the healthcare brand. 

Alicia Sharif, brand manager at Vegan Life, said: “With the number of people transitioning to a more plant-based diet rising year on year, consumers are now looking for an expanded offering of Vegan supplements that are easy to take, effective and support their lifestyle decisions. What’s more, Covid-19 has expedited the shift towards conscious consumerism, with more people aware of how their actions and buying habits effect their environment. Naturopathica’s Vegan Life is a range which meets both of these needs – affordably and accessibly.”

More information can be found at And it is currently available on Amazon with an RRP £14.99 for 30 capsules.