Vegetable based juice brand, B.Fresh, extends range of cold pressed drinks


B.Fresh, the vegetable based juice brand is extending its range of cold pressed drinks with the launch of #totalbeets. Made with 95% beetroot and 5% lemon, #totalbeets is bursting with goodness and nutrition and is designed to meet the needs of the sport conscious consumer and grey market.

Recent medical research proved drinking beetroot juice can significantly reduce high blood pressure. B.Fresh hopes this new launch will be a tasty way for consumers to get the necessary beetroot juice into their daily diets and stay healthy. All B.Fresh juices are cold pressed and High Pressure Processed (HPP) resulting in the closest thing to raw juice – giving consumers the maximum vitamins and minerals in one drink, with no added sugar or stabilisers.

#totalbeets is also targeting the fitness market, as beetroot juice is recognised to enhance sport performance by boosting endurance. Produced on a farm in Shropshire using British grown produce wherever possible, the B.Fresh juices offer a refreshing, smooth and pulp-free drink.

Philip Maddocks, founder of B.Fresh, said: “Beetroot is a vegetable currently used in our other drinks, and we are excited to launch #totalbeets to extend our range and create a drink to offer greater health benefits to a more specific audience. #totalbeets is a surprisingly light, refreshing juice with a zesty note from the lemon inclusion, whereas our other beetroot drink #rockthebeets has an earthiness to it.”