Vegetarian Month: ShelfNow reveals top vegetarian and vegan trends

Using data and insights, ShelfNow, Europe’s first intelligent B2B online marketplace, has revealed the top trends it has seen ahead of Vegetarian Month in October and World Vegan Day on 1st November.

The international awareness days celebrate the successes of the vegetarian and vegan movements and highlight the benefits of both lifestyles. A recent survey has found that 1 in 4 Brits have actively cut back on the number of animal products they consume since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Launched in 2019, ShelfNow currently has 783 vegetarian and 729 vegan products on its platform with best-selling items including Indian hot sauce range Pico Sauces, smoothies from cold-pressed juices brand PRESS Healthfoods and crackers from health food experts Erbology. Between 2020 and 2021 the platform saw a 156% increase in sales of vegetarian products and a 150% increase in sales of vegan products.

With a growing number of consumers now looking to incorporate more plant-based alternatives into their diet, ShelfNow has used its data and insights to reveal the top growing trends in the space.

Gut health

Gut health remains a major priority for many vegetarian and vegan consumers after it was tipped as a top trend in 2020. Helping to promote good digestive health, the KAYTEA Beetroot Velvet Latte is also packed with vitamin C and is available for purchase now via ShelfNow. 


The CBD market has exploded in recent years with many Brits seeing the benefits of CBD in their diets. ShelfNow is seeing a rise in demand for CBD products such as the Cannasa Botanical Rose Raspberry Lemonade.


Mushrooms have been a trending superfood for several years now with their hidden benefits being documented in popular shows such as the Netflix documentary Fantastic Fungi.

Also available through ShelfNow, the Lion’s Mane IPA from The Fungtional Brew Company has notes of peach and stone fruit and a 0.5g mushroom extract per 330ml. It was recently voted Best New Drink Product at the Natural & Organic Awards Europe and is one of several Fungtional Brew Company products stocked by the platform. ShelfNow has seen an 80% increase in sales of vegan alcoholic products in 2021.

Philip Linardos, Co-founder and CEO of ShelfNow, said: “Vegetarian and vegan products currently make up an impressive amount of all our current products and we are seeing so much amazing innovation taking place across these sectors. It’s a pleasure to work with so many trailblazing producers in this space and through this, we have noticed that the main motivation for many is simply to produce a great tasting product above all else. Pep & Lekker is a good example of this and their seed snacks – which were initially developed for those following a low carb, high fibre diet – are not only vegan and vegetarian friendly but also taste incredible!”