Vend enhances mobile capabilities, releases new retail app


Vend, the industry-leading retail productivity and intelligence platform, has released Vend Reporter, a mobile iOS app for iPhone or iPad that allows retailers to keep track of their business from anywhere, on-the-go. Through the app, retailers can access critical real-time data insights into the performance of their stores – from revenue to sales count and best-selling products – in just a few clicks from the app or through home screen widgets.

“We are focused on delivering digital solutions that enable retailers to keep up with changing customer demands and run sustainable, and successful businesses,” said Vaughan Fergusson, Vend founder. “Our mobile app is the latest product that reflects the increasingly dynamic reality of a retailers day. Today, it’s more than just a 9-5 commitment from the shopfloor; they’re managing stock and sales across physical stores and online, being out on the road visiting suppliers, and working from home – often all in the same day. 

“As such, we wanted to create a mobile app that easily lets them monitor key business performance indicators, from the palm of their hand. We recognise the benefit of simplicity and convenience, and the latest addition to our evolving retail platform, Vend Reporter, allows retailers to spend less time on admin and managing their business behind the scenes, and more time creating beautiful products, delighting customers and providing memorable experiences.”

Key features of Vend Reporter – now available on the App store for Vend retailers using iOS or iPadOS 14 and above – include:

  • Real-time insights into store performance.
  • Widget updates every five minutes, or whenever the app is opened.
  • All of the familiar metrics from the Vend dashboard, available as widgets.
  • Customisable widgets that lets retailers personalise data metric and timeframe.
  • Quick and easy dashboard access when a retailer needs to dig deeper into performance and trends.
  • Secure, customisable access, restricting data access based on in-store user roles.
  • Dark mode supported.

Through the app, Nicole and Leisa Griffiths – owners of sister-run lifestyle and women’s fashion retailer Mookah – can keep track of the performance of their business across its two bricks-and-mortar outlets, eCommerce store and at its stalls at markets nationwide.

“Running a retail business is time-consuming, and often we don’t have the time to drag out the laptop or go sit at a desk to see how we’re performing or what actions need to be taken,” Nicole said. “With Vend Reporter, however, we have our finger on the pulse at all times, wherever we are.  Sometimes I might be sitting out on the couch or eating dinner and I just want to grab a quick overview. It allows us to access real-time reports that show how the stores are performing – as if we were standing on the shop floor itself. If we have tasks we want to allocate to a store, we can look up how busy they are and determine, ‘oh, it looks quiet, we can give them the task now’ or ‘they’re busy, let’s leave it for today’. We’ve never felt more on top of the business, and today that’s so invaluable.”

The app is available to Vend customers across Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and Canada.