vente-privee sees fourfold increase in studio workflow efficiency with multicam imaging technology

vente-privee has seen a fourfold increase in workflow efficiency in its product studios, following installation of new multicam imaging technology.

The flash sales pioneer, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers with a £2 billion turnover, is working with workflow and e-commerce imaging specialist SpinMe initially to make shooting shoes and sunglasses four times faster.

The multicam technique, which captures 48 images in less than a minute to create a high quality 360 spin photograph, will be extended to handbags and luggage shortly.

Finished product images allow customers to ‘pick up’ and view items as they would in a store.

vente-privee has 50 million members and its site receives three million unique users each month. Collaborating with over 6,000 major international brands, the retailer has a high turnover of products moving through its studios.

“The process of preparing a shoe through to production of the final 360 image took nine and a half minutes a year ago – the multicam automation technique means it now takes a fraction of that time,” said Ilan Benhaim, associate and co-founder of vente-privee. “Alongside the introduction of LED lighting and continued bespoke software development, post production is minimised and products are live on the site far more quickly.”

Multicam is unique in the marketplace, and is a joint venture between SpinMe and photographic hardware specialist PhotoRobot.

“Workflow efficiency is crucial for retailers selling a high volume of products,” said David Brint, CEO of SpinMe. “For the huge number of images required by vente-privee, time saved with the four camera setup is a no-brainer.”

vente-privee acquired a strategic stake in SpinMe in February, allowing the company to expand and further develop studio automation and workflow management technology for the retail industry.