Vet’s Kitchen pet food brand unveils new, greener packs

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, pet food brand Vet’s Kitchen is moving to 100% recyclable packaging. The changes will be made over a two-year period and will cover the entire product range, beginning with dry dog food in October 2020.

The Vet’s Kitchen brand, which is dedicated to transforming the health of the nation’s pets through diet and nutrition, has decided to prioritise meeting environmental goals such as these, ahead of many larger pet food companies. To date, it has reduced its plastic use by over a quarter (27%) on some lines and 17% across the range. Steps such as replacing cartons with shrink wrap on dry dog food and introducing recyclable, white trays on the wet dog food range have already been put in place.

The move comes as part of a re-branding strategy, as Vet’s Kitchen upgrades both its packaging and website design, as well introducing a number of new recipes and pack formats. It is hoped that by actively displaying the OPRL (on-package recycling label) will prompt customers to dispose of packaging responsibly through recycling.

“The Vet’s Kitchen brand is synonymous with high quality pet food which delivers real health benefits. We take great care to select the best possible ingredients; (with an emphasis on natural, nutritious foods that deliver real health benefits) and a move to greener packaging solution was an integral part of our rebrand strategy,” says head of marketing, Jilly Whibberley.

Vet’s KitchenR believes that nutrition is fundamentally linked to health and well-being and the lives of the nation’s pets could be improved through diet. It is the only food brand with its own in-house veterinary practice based in Swindon, known as Vet’s Klinic. Its natural products are produced using this ‘Vet Know-how’ and are specifically tailored to meet the dietary needs of cats and dogs, including treating many of the common ailments faced by pets.