Vibrant dressing brand Tigg’s to launch three-strong range in Tesco

Innovative dressing brand Tigg’s has launched its three-strong range into 400 Tesco prepared salad chillers. The Bold Beetroot & Honey, Subtle Pepper & Mustard, and Smokin’ Tomato & Chilli variants are set to revolutionise the dressings industry when they hit the stores this month, marking the brand’s first nationwide listing and Tesco’s only branded chilled salad dressing.

Delivering on health as well as taste, the Tigg’s products are made using the finest, 100% natural, fresh and unpasteurised ingredients. Not only are they low in calories, saturated fats and added sugars, they are also cardioprotective, which means that the main ingredients come from fruits and vegetables instead of cheaper filler ingredients such as water, sunflower oil or vinegar. Free of gluten, dairy, nuts, and wheat, the range can be used as dressing, sauce, marinade, and dip. What’s more, they’re also suitable for vegans.

Tigg’s product range hits the mark for the increasingly experiential consumers who are moving away from traditional sauces and condiments in favour of more exciting and versatile products. Jacob James, who co-founded the brand with his brother Sam said: “Sauces and condiments have always been a staple cupboard essential in UK households, however we’re seeing a fundamental shift in consumer demand. Shoppers can’t get enough of injecting some excitements onto their plates, and they welcome any opportunity to add new flavours to their everyday meals. Our products are super versatile and can liven up everyday meals from crunchy green salads and sandwiches, to fish fillets or sausages”.

The Tigg’s journey began with the founders’ grand-mother, Granny Tigg, whose colourful creations were ever-present on family meals and inspired the brothers to launch the brand. Jacob James also commented: “We are two young, driven and passionate brothers who just so happened to be the biggest fans of our gran’s amazing creations. Having taken them to university and indulged in their ability to make our moderate cooking skills reflect those of a master chef, we knew we had to give them a go and get them out into the world.”