Video: discover how Valpak’s Packaging Data Portal provides knowledge beyond compliance


The annual task of completing the packaging data form can be a difficult and time consuming task. Valpak can help you complete the form, as well as assist with checking the data to ensure it is as accurate as reasonably possible.

Make the packaging data submission easier with Valpak’s Data Portal

Using our compliance knowledge, data expertise and our unique packaging weights database, we have gone one step further to help businesses with data reporting, by developing an online, secure Packaging Data Portal.

The portal provides a real insight into the volumes and types of packaging handled and used. Businesses can access key data, such as their packaging weights and formats, materials, recyclability factors and material costs. All of this data will help to make the submission process easier.

Get added value from your packaging data

The portal can help businesses to gain so much more from their packaging data. A few examples are as follows:

  • In-depth information can be used to build a detailed picture of all packaging handled, including recycled content, recyclability, plastic polymer types and much more
  • Enables users to identify where light weighting could occur, in turn reducing the business’s compliance obligation
  • Helps businesses to improving environmental performance. For example, users can identify and eliminate any packaging that isn’t widely recycled from business operations and supply chains

View our video for more information:

You can access our portal as either a stand-alone service or add it onto an existing membership agreement – you don’t have to be an existing Valpak packaging member to take advantage of this innovative tool.

For further help and advice, or to trial the portal for your business, please contact a member of our Data Management Team on 01789 208 725 or complete our enquiry form.