Visualsoft: getting to grips with GDPR post regulation 


Given that there has been a fivefold increase in the number of data breaches reported since GDPR came into effect, it is clear that businesses have still not adapted their processes to fall in line with this new regulation.

Retaining new subscribers, ensuring companies are targeting relevant consumers and clearly displaying information is key to succeeding in a post-GDPR landscape. But, so far, it seems few brands are putting these tactics into action. This is supported by research that shows that only 20% of businesses are GDPR-compliant.

Two of the main reasons for this are a general lack of understanding surrounding the regulation’s scope and businesses poor preparation for its enforcement. To help address these issues, companies need to focus on ensuring all aspects of their business, from sign up sheets, to mailing lists, are in-keeping with this year’s new data protection enforcement.

With this in mind, Visualsoft, a leading e-commerce and digital marketing agency, will outline how businesses can avoid enormous fines – potentially tens of millions of pounds – by getting to grips with GDPR.