Vita Coco launches plant-powered innovation: Choc-o-lot

Leading coconut water brand Vita Coco has launched its latest health innovation, Choc-o-lot. Unlike other chocolatey drinks, Choc-o-lot contains 60% fewer calories (there’s less than 100 calories in a 330ml carton!) and 37% less sugar than most on the market. Who said chocolatey treats can’t be healthy?

The 3pm slump beater

The new cocoa creation is bursting with chocolatey taste and, in true Vita Coco fashion, is completely dairy-free, vegan and made with responsibly sourced coconuts.

Like all Vita Coco products, Choc-o-lot is rich in replenishing potassium and immune-supporting vitamin C – making it the perfect mood-lifting and nutritious chocolatey treat to beat that afternoon slump.

You can now find Choc-o-lot in selected Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Co-op stores nationwide (RRP £3.75 1L, £1.99 330ml) and will soon be rolling out into other national retailers.

You can also buy online via the Vita Coco website with 25% OFF all Choc-o-lot products until 14.11.2021 using the code CHOCOCLOCK at the checkout. 

Registered nutrition consultant Jenna Hope has teamed up with Vita Coco to shed some light on how to avoid the afternoon slump by avoiding certain foods and suggesting some tasty alternatives.

She explains: “Start to feel your energy levels drop throughout the day? We’ve all been there. The 3pm slump is commonly experienced by so many of us for a number of reasons; there is an element of our circadian rhythm which causes us to feel tired in the afternoon, high levels of stress and what we eat for lunch can play a huge role in your energy levels later on in the day.

 A lunch that is rich in sugar and low in protein and fibre may give you that quick energy high you’re looking for, but leave you suffering a subsequent afternoon crash.”