Vita Coco on a mission to make this week #ImpossibleToHate with interactive events in London

Vita Coco has created an interactive campaign where unsuspecting commuters can win a series of prizes including a month’s rent, a helicopter ride to work and VIP festival tickets.

The campaign comes off the back of research from the number one coconut water brand, that revealed that commuting is the number one cause of daily stress for Brits.

Leading up to a big FriYAY event in Covent Garden on Friday 21 June, a fleet of Cocowagons (rickshaws) are currently on the road, aiding irritated commuters who are struggling with the five-day strike at Waterloo station.

The experiential out-of-home campaign that’s set to take place on Friday, comprising an eye-catching special build, will interact with commuters passing through Covent Garden, encouraging them to share their biggest gripes of the week gone by.

Based on their response, a series of guerilla-style stunts will bring their pet peeve to life and surprise them with a solution in the form of an #ImpossibleToHate prize.

The activation will take place outside Urban Outfitters in Covent Garden throughout the morning commute hours and on into Friday; video footage and photos captured during the day will be used for supporting content on social media.

Tim Rees, managing director, UK & Ireland at Vita Coco, said: “We want to bring cheer to peoples’ mornings, so we’ll be handing out surprises across London that are guaranteed to make commuters ‘crack’ a smile.

“This activity celebrates the launch of our new Pressed coconut water, a sweeter and nuttier version of our original product, which contains pieces of freshly pressed coconut. Coconut water famously divides opinion, but we’re confident that people will find our new product impossible to hate.”

Here’s an overview of the full #ImpossibleToHate week:

Monday 17th – Phone battery dies…life is over! Look out for free charging packs around Liverpool Street, London Bridge or Canary Wharf on your way home and never get caught short (of phone battery) again.

Tuesday 18th – Although talking to a stranger on the tube is unheard of (especially in the morning!), it might be worthwhile engaging in a little small talk if you’re queuing for tickets at Victoria or Waterloo and you may be rewarded with a fully-loaded Oyster Card.

Wednesday 19th – Travelling along the Victoria or Central lines? Put your very British politeness to one side if you see someone wearing an ‘Want me to move my bag?’ t-shirt or talking particularly loud, and you’ll be rewarded with a bag of goodies.

Thursday 20th – Tube delays? Hop off at Waterloo and be “rick-sure” to get to work on time!

Friday 21st – Covent Garden is the place to be for a FriYAY of mammoth proportions, with the chance to win a helicopter ride to work, VIP festival tickets and a month’s free rent.