Vitamin drink, VitHit, launches Immunitea in UK

Immunitea: Tesco listing for vitamin drink

Immunitea: Tesco listing for vitamin drink

VitHit, a market leading vitamin drink in Ireland, has announced that it is launching a new flavour ‘Immunitea’ into selected Tesco stores just in time for summer.

Each healthy bottle of Immunitea contains 100% RDA of eight different vitamins, real juice, two cups of healthy teas and herbs with no added sugar along with the immune boosting Echinacea, zinc and Ceylon tea.

The vitamin drinks, were developed by ex-professional rugby player Gary Lavin and are claimed to be the perfect drink for those wanting a low calorie energy boost or simply seeking a healthier lifestyle. The Dragonfruit means that this drink is bright pink in colour, appealing to the female consumer for the summer.

VitHit founder Gary Lavin says, “We are really excited to be expanding the range of VitHit drinks available to the consumer in the UK. We are always trying to keep up with consumer demand and we feel that Immunitea will cater to those wanting a stylish and healthy drink, and with only 35 calories per bottle what is not to like.”

VitHit Immunitea is available in Tesco and Harris & Hoole with a RRP of £1.49-£2.50 for 500ml.