Vivid Water debuts Water in a Box, on-the-go flavoured water in sustainable packs

New water range

New water range

A new flavoured water range in Tetra Pak cartons has been launched in the UK and has gone on sale in Tesco stores in London.
Water in a Box has been launched by Vivid Waters and claims to offer shoppers a compelling alternative to other water brands on the market.
As the first flavoured water to be packed and sold in Tetra Pak cartons in the UK, the range is claimed to be an exciting addition to the UK drinks market. The cartons are predominantly made from renewable and responsibly sourced paperboard, making Water in a Box great choice for shoppers who want to buy products that have low impact on the environment, the company said.  
The packaging is also lightweight, 100% recyclable, made from low carbon raw materials, and unlike many plastic bottles contains no PET.
The range is available in plain spring water, and in three flavours – dash of Orange and Peach, dash of Strawberry; and dash of Lemon and Lime, all boxed at source at the Water in a Box Spring in Somerset’s ancient Mendip Hills.
The drinks will be sold in 330ml cartons, in shelf ready packaging, with a re-closable cap, making them ideal for people who want to drink on-the-go. 
John Lee, owner at Vivid Water, said: “We are really excited about the launch of Water in a Box. We’ve been working on this project for two and a half years. There is nothing like it in the flavoured water market – it is a totally new concept that we know today’s busy water drinkers with an environmental conscious will love.
“We looked at the category and wanted to add value and provide differentiation, and Tesco identified with this opportunity. Water in cartons might be unusual in the UK, but when we presented the concept to consumers they really engaged with it. The paper board used to make our cartons is recyclable, naturally renewable, and sourced from responsibly managed forests. It is eco-conscious spring water that will allow people to quench their thirst more responsibly.  Our plans are to roll out and to introduce the range to the wider trade market from January 2014.”
Gavin Landeg, UK & Ireland environment manager at Tetra Pak, said: “We are delighted Water in a Box has chosen Tetra Pak for their unique range. For me the products represent a fantastic model for sustainable development, with the water being sourced and packed in the UK in cartons predominantly produced from recyclable, low carbon, renewable and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified paperboard.”
Still flavoured water is a growing market in the UK, currently representing 2.5% of the still drinks market, while volume sales grew by 10% in the past year.