Voucher codes site lifts lid on discount data


Voucher codes site Savoo.co.uk claims it is helping shoppers to save money by sharing industry data that reveals what month retailers offer the best discount deals on consumer items.

The data highlights when retailers offer the biggest discounts on everyday consumer items ranging from clothing and electronics, travel and entertainment, to children and teens.

Despite many consumers waiting for the January sales to buy clothing, shoes and accessories, Savoo.co.uk’s savings data reveals July is the best month to make these purchases, with savings reaching 60%.

Savoo.co.uk says its data has revealed another misconception – that travel deals are only around in the winter. Its data shows May is the best time to snap up deals, with agents offering up to 55% savings.

January is the best time to grab bargains on kids, babies and teen purchases, with discounts of almost 40%, according to the data. And, for those looking to enjoy a day out at a theme park, evening at the theatre, or a meal for two at a nice restaurant; then June or September are the best months, with retailers offering discounts of 15% – higher than any other time of year.

For technology lovers, desperate to get their hands on the latest gadget, discounts on electronic and computer items of almost 20% are available in March, April and July.

With the looming VAT increase, consumers will be forced to pay even more for the purchase of everyday and essential items, which will hit many people hard – especially families, said the site.

Sarah Escott, UK director of retail partnerships at Savoo.co.uk, said: “Our team of deal hunters at Savoo.co.uk is absolutely committed to helping consumers get the best deals online. Obviously the savings and timings vary from merchant to merchant, but we wanted to release this data to help people make the most informed  choice they can about when to buy their goods and make sure they save every penny they can.”