Voucher provider, Valassis, looks to control coupon fraud with new programme

Dryden: helping retailers identify and reject fraudulent coupons

Dryden: helping retailers identify and reject fraudulent coupons

Valassis, a leading coupon and voucher services provider in the UK, is aiming to control coupon fraud with the the launch of a Fraud Control Programme.

With an estimated £1.5m being lost annually due to the acceptance of fraudulent consumer care vouchers alone, the Valassis Fraud Control Programme brings peace of mind to brands planning coupon campaigns, the company claims

While Valassis has been working with retailers and coupon issuers for many years to mitigate losses, its Fraud Control Programme pulls together a number of anti-fraud measures, making it the most advanced solution in the market, it says.

There are multiple benefits for brands from the Valassis Fraud Control Programme: 

  • The Valassis SmartPIN solution provides a system of sequential numbers embedded into the coupon barcode, so any duplicate redemptions can be linked back to the individual through detailed and timely reporting
  • The Valassis Approved design and print service enables enhanced security features on all high value coupons to deter counterfeiters
  • Valassis undertakes a number of third-party verification procedures around retailers seeking reimbursement for coupon face value, and thus ensure only bona fide retailers are paid
  • Finally, there are a number of other systematic and manual checks of physical coupons to check for counterfeits, photocopies and irregular coupon claim patterns

Penny Dryden, commercial director at Valassis, said: “Though only a small number of people abuse the system, it is important to have our Fraud Control Programme in place.

“With the most sophisticated anti-fraud measures available in the coupon clearing market, our new Fraud Control Programme ensures that every measure possible is in place to help retailers identify and reject fraudulent coupons and minimise financial losses for brands. This is important today more than ever as brands face challenges with rogue internet sellers.”