Vype incorporates Bluetooth technology and app in new vaping product launches

British American Tobacco’s (BAT) e-cigarette brand Vype has launched world-first ‘Puretech’, a new vaping technology, as part of its commitment to innovation across the sector.

The launch comes as the company seeks to transform the tobacco industry in the UK by offering adult smokers a range of potentially reduced risk products, including vaping devices such as e-cigarettes, in formats they find accessible, enjoyable and hassle-free.

Marina Trani, new categories group R&D director, commented: “We have been always at the forefront of innovation in the vaping category, introducing innovative devices like ePen 3 and pioneering new technologies in eLiquids like nicotine salts, which we introduced in our portfolio back in 2015, with the vPro range.

“Like many other world-first innovations, the Puretech blade is a radical new technology that will change the game for ever, creating a step change for the vapour category and for the Vype family.” 

Puretech will be incorporated in the Vype iSwitch and Vype iSwitch Maxx to give a more satisfying, smoother and richer vape with around 99% less toxicants than cigarettes.

Instead of the coil and wick, Puretech incorporates a slim stainless steel blade that heats the e- liquid to create vapour. The blade, which is around the thickness of a human hair, has a surface area ten times larger than a traditional coil and wick heating system. The blade provides a much more precise and measured way to heat the e-liquid, increasing consumer taste satisfaction by ensuring a smoother, richer and more consistent vape, with no off notes.

Additionally, the Vype iSwitch Maxx is BAT’s most interactive and connected vapour device. Bluetooth enabled, it connects with the MyVype app (available from Google Play) to give consumers full control, which is a first for the Vype brand.  Through the app, consumers can tailor their device’s power setting; remotely lock the device ensuring no one else can use it, monitor puff count, battery level and device performance to track their usage; and also have access to tips and news. 

Gemma Webb, general manager at British American Tobacco UK, commented: “We are entering the most dynamic period of change our industry has ever encountered. We are experiencing an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation coming-together of societal change, public health awareness and crucially, access to technological innovation in the nicotine category.

“This convergence of factors has created a unique opportunity for the industry and our business: the opportunity to make a substantial leap forward in our ambition to provide our consumers with a choice of potentially reduced risk tobacco and nicotine products.”

BAT’s commitment to evolve and innovate its product range and in leading the transformation of the nicotine category in the UK, redefining the market through consumer-centric innovation, has been at the forefront of its strategy for several years.

In 2013, BAT became the first international tobacco company to enter the UK vapour market with Vype, and since then, BAT has constantly sought to improve and innovate in its range of vaping products, developing both closed and open system devices and e-liquids.

A significant milestone in this technological journey came last year with the launch of a cutting-edge pod-mod, the Vype ePen 3, which provides high vapour performance through a compact and stylish device. The ePen 3 performs exceptionally well against other devices in the market and just won Product of the Year 2019 in the e-cigarette category, establishing BAT’s innovation credentials and ability to drive new excitement in the category.

BAT Group’s commitment to innovation has been underscored by the new global partnership announced with McLaren, which is rooted in advanced technology and innovation. This partnership brings together two companies with a shared passion for technology, innovation and design, as well as a clear desire to deliver significant and meaningful change through their businesses. 

Webb added: “We strongly believe that, by putting technology at the heart of whatever we do, we will ensure the products we launch under the Vype brand will continue to change the nature of the category for good and will open up a new and better future for vaping.”