Vype launches new TV advertisement for eStick with Vaping Made Simple tag line


Vype is launching a new TV advertisement for its eStick with the brand’s tag line, Vaping Made Simple.

The 20 second ad leads on the convenience of the eStick charge pack which, when charged, can last for up to five days (based on typical five day usage of 600 puffs). The ad can be seen on terrestrial and satellite TV, and online.

“For those vapers and smokers who choose a rechargeable device, close in feel to a conventional cigarette, it’s essential that their stick will be ready to use when they are, and this is what you get with Vype eStick,” said Elly Criticou, global head of brand for Vype.

“Vapers and smokers want adverts that tell them about the product, our own experience has confirmed that.  So our ad has a simple reassuring message that reflects the reality of using Vype eStick.”

“We are continuing to build retail distribution and to accompany this campaign, we’ll be supporting a range of promotions on the Vype eStick starter kits which represent excellent value for consumers,” said Nigel Hardy, Nicoventures’ head of UK and Ireland.