Wadworth adds new labels to help supermarkets block merchandise its range of beers

New look labels

New look labels

Wiltshire-based brewer Wadworth has introduced new labelling to its core range of beers to create a unified visual identity on supermarket shelves.

Brewer of brands such as 6X and Horizon, Wadworth said it has responded to the requirements of the retail trade with a significant investment in new labelling, creating a range identity and allowing supermarkets to block merchandise the beers. The new labels allow the different brands to be readily identified as part of the Wadworth range while still retaining their individuality, the company claims.

“Wadworth brews a variety of beers each with its own character and personality, but as they are all brewed by us they all have the Wadworth trademark characteristics of quality, consistency and great taste,” said marketing product manager, Ellie Gabe. 

“By re-labelling our bottled range we have enabled supermarkets to create great shelf visibility, which in turn will allow the customer to quickly identify the Wadworth range.”

First of the new bottles on the shelves was the brewery’s most famous ale, ‘Thoroughly Decent’ 6X. Swordfish, Horizon, Henry’s IPA and Old Timer quickly followed, with Bishops Tipple beginning to filter through in the coming weeks, completing the new-look range. 

“We are delighted with the clean, fresh and contemporary look of the new labels,” said Gabe. “This investment in our supermarket range demonstrates our commitment to increasing our retail presence. We are known for our excellent cask ale of which we are very proud, but we also hope to extend stockists of our core bottled range across the country.”

Wadworth is also hoping that creating a distinct range identity will be advantageous when looking to export Wadworth beers to other countries.

The new bottles can be found in regional branches of Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose, as well as nationally via Ocado.